Court digest Jail time for fall crime spree

An Oakwood Avenue man who repeatedly broke laws throughout last fall and into January was given escalating jail time for his crimes when the charges were dealt with in Simcoe’s Ontario Court recently.Jason Robert Harrington, 35, pleaded guilty to charges from eight different dates, starting with committing mischief last September and threatening death or bodily harm and causing a disturbance in October. For those, he received a suspended sentence.At the end of October, Harrington drove while disqualified, breaking his bail conditions by confronting two women he was supposed to avoid. He pleaded guilty to those charges, received five months of time already served and another two-and-a-half months of jail and a five-year driving prohibition.Ten days later he didn’t show up for a court appearance and three weeks later, he breached his bail conditions again.On New Year’s Day he was charged with committing mischief, but that charge, like 10 others, was dropped.On Jan. 29 Harrington assaulted a woman, damaged her glasses, cellphone and the walls of her home, all while not residing at the Norfolk Street South address he was supposed to be in.Justin Gethin Edward levied another four-and-a-half months of jail time for those offences, giving Harrington a global sentence of more than a year, leaving him with eight months to serve.Harrington must not own or use weapons for 10 years.Man sent inappropriate photo to girlA Simcoe man who sent pictures of his penis to an underage girl was sent to weekend jail after pleading guilty recently in Simcoe’s Ontario Court.Lawren Kadey, 21, was charged with making sexual material available to a child for actions he took in June 2017.A police investigation also found Kadey had child pornography — digital images of a young female —  in his possession.Justice Aubrey Hilliard ordered that Kadey spend 90 days in weekend jail, submit a DNA sample for the national offenders databank and go on the sexual offenders registry for 10 years.The judge also ordered that Kadey get counselling from someone who specializes in sexual deviancy for sexually offending behaviour and not discontinue that treatment without the consent of his probation officer.Back to jail for breaking court ordersA Cherry Street man who continued to break court orders was sent to jail after his angry outbursts got him arrested earlier this year.Michael Allan Whittaker, 30, was convicted last year of breaching several probation orders by not reporting to his probation officer, failing to show up to therapy programs and assaulting a person.In February and March, he was charged with breaking probation orders and conditions of his release.When he appeared before Justice Aubrey Hilliard, Whittaker pleaded guilty to the charges and was credited with already serving three months of jail. But Hilliard sent him back to jail for a further five months.Whittaker is under orders to stay away from a Montclair Crescent home, avoid contact with his victim and take some anger management [email protected]@EXPSGamble

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