Toshibas new printer erases toner from regular copy paper

first_imgThe paperless-office has been promised for many years now, but has yet to happen. Walk into any office and you’ll probably find a printer and reams of paper. Printing stuff out is still popular, even if tablets and e-readers are helping to cut down even further on how much is required.Ultimately, there’s always going to be a need to print stuff out. In order to make that possible while still conserving resources, some companies have come up with paper that can be erased and reused. The only problem with that is the paper costs significantly more than a typical sheet of A4, and only has a limited life span. So that tech never took off.Toshiba has come up with a better solution, though. Instead of making the paper erasable, create a toner you can remove instead.The toner is printed on standard copy paper by a new printer that is also capable of deleting the ink. It achieves this using a heated friction technique, known as FriXion Ball, that renders the sheet of paper usable again. It’s not perfect as the deleted toner can still be seen very faintly on the paper, but it’s good enough that further print outs are possible. There’s also a compatible line of pens from Pilot that use ink that the printer can delete, meaning writing on documents you want to erase isn’t an issue as long as you use the right pen.Toshiba says a sheet of copy paper can be reused 5 times, and after that you’ve still got an almost blank sheet of paper to write notes on. Don’t forget that each sheet has two sides, meaning 10 possible reuses. After that, the printer detects a sheet can’t be used anymore and spits it out into a different tray.Deleting important information from a printed document may not be desirable in all cases, but Toshiba have thought of a solution to that, too. Before deleting, the printer gives you the option to scan the sheet, allowing for a digital copy of the information to be captured.This new printer and ink will be released late in 2012. Initially it will be capable of only printing blue toner, but other colors are planned. Eventually we could also see a full color version released. It’s also important to point out that it’s the toner making the erasing procedure possible, so in the future we could see multiple printer manufacturers producing compatible hardware.Read more at DigInfo.tvlast_img

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