Olympic Games fans asked not to use their phones at events

first_imgSince the last Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008, the use of smartphones and the mobile web has exploded. The difference for London 2012 is everyone attending events is a lot more likely to have a smartphone in their pocket, a Twitter account to tweet from, and will be accessing the web to check results and view real-time Olympic content including video, images, and stats.The use of the mobile web during the games is causing problems, though. After just one day organizers are asking anyone attending an event to limit their use of mobile phones simply because the networks can’t cope.The first problems occurred during the men’s cycling road race on Saturday, where the sheer volume of data traffic from attendees meant live timings couldn’t be transmitted. That left viewers without information about split times between the leaders and the rest of the pack, and upset fans everywhere.If you consider the cycling isn’t going to be the most popular event during the games, you can understand why organizers are concerned. The actual stadiums have prepared for the additional strain by installing enough cabling to cope (hopefully), but any event taking place outside of the main stadiums is at the mercy of the local coverage offered by mobile networks.Olympic organizers can’t enforce a demand not to use your phone at en event, so they are asking nicely to limit use to urgent texts, tweets, and web access, and hoping nothing else goes wrong.The biggest test will come when we reach the finals of some major events. For example, how will the networks cope when Usain Bolt steps up to run in the final of the men’s 100 meters? With a world record expected to fall, it’s possible some viewers may see their live coverage suffer or even fail completely, depending on what method they are choosing to watch by.via Reuterslast_img

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