ARM demonstrates how it crushes Intel when gaming on mobile devices

first_imgWith OEMs increasingly stacking the deck when it comes to benchmarks, ARM decided to do a real world comparison of its Cortex-based chips with Intel’s x86 mobile chip.The results make for an interesting (and snippy) three minute YouTube video that shows ARM winning by a pretty wide margin.This test used Need for Speed: Most Wanted running on Android tablets. Most Wanted is a high-end game made by EA, but the tablets in the video are actually a bit old. The ARM device is running a quad-core Cortex-A9 chip, and the Intel one is a Clover Trail Plus dual-core. These were both premium components when they were launched a year or two ago.The video looks like a disaster for Intel from the start. The ARM device loads the game and gets into the race almost twice as fast as the Intel tablet. Once racing, the Intel device could only manage about 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, the ARM device was up at 40fps. ARM even cheekily pauses the Android device a few times to give Intel a chance to catch up. The difference in gameplay is very clear in the video, but there are still a few unanswered questions.Clover Trail Plus and Cortex-A9 are no longer the top chips from either company — the market has moved on to Cortex-A15 and Bay Trail. The reason for pitting the old chips against each other isn’t clear, but I’d bet the difference in performance came across better in video with these chips. There is also the fact that the ARM part is quad-core while the Intel one is only dual-core. Probably the biggest issue is that game developers, even big one like EA, spend more time optimizing for ARM than Intel.Take the video for what you will, but even with the problems this is a more compelling demonstration of how Intel and ARM chips that were sold around the same time perform.last_img

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