Essential Sailor Moon quotes to keep it real

first_img The Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All TimeThe Best Anime On Hulu Stay on target Have you ever seen a perfect crescent moon in the sky and suddenly shouted “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you,” or found yourself envisioning the clickity-clack of castanets when you pass by a rose store? If so, you are a true Sailor Moon addict.However, it wasn’t just the heroic antics of the Sailor Senshi that struck a chord with fans. The realness of their everyday problems and outlooks on love and life were inspirational to a fault. As Usagi wallows in despair wondering how she will lose weight, us fellow humans can’t help but think, “Yeah, girl. I’ve been there.”Check out our essential list of Sailor Moon quotes that will get your nostalgia gears turning, and your Moonie heart churning.Artemis: They’ve saved the world, but all they can talk about is boys and food.Oh, Artemis, do you not understand the essentials of life? Although the Sailor Senshi are tasked with saving the world, it’s always nice to be reminded that they’re also typical high school girls. Who doesn’t love gossiping about relationships and the best new noms?Jupiter: He looks just like my old boyfriend.Get yourself together, Makoto! Not every guy is your old boyfriend! Jupiter’s preoccupation with her ex is relatable, if a little creepy. Maybe obsessing about the one who got away isn’t the healthiest route, but it’s a path we all have tread.Moon: I don’t care what you say about me, but to talk like that about him…!Watch out, because Sailor Moon won’t tolerate any smack talk about her #SQUAD. All of us fiercely loyal friends out there can attest to the rage factor that is released when we hear others talking crap about our friends. Enter the rage of a loyal pal! You tell ’em, Usagi.Motoki: You should never give up before you start!Yeah, side character Motoki! Fighting the good fight and encouraging ladies everywhere to try new things! These pearls of wisdom can be applied to pretty much any situation: groaning about not hitting the gym, dreading studying for a big exam, or just feeling bummed about having to clean our homes. Hang in there, everyone!Mars: Only old men think that men are better than women these days!Well, old men and a disturbing chunk of society! Sailor Mars is here to tell it like it is. Men and women should be equal, so it’s time to throw out those antiquated ideas. Preach, Mars. Preach!Venus: Please stop talking about math when I’m eating.Like, just give us a minute, okay? There’s no need to sully the precious glory that is food with pesky math. It’s sort of like that gross feeling you get when they bring you the check at the end of a meal. It really brings the happiness down a notch. Math later, please!Moon: You can’t judge how beautiful a girl really is by the way she looks.Truth! Let’s all strive to present ourselves in a way that makes us feel most confident, but don’t forget the important part of being a good person is working on exercising your brain, your morals, and keeping an open mind.Moon: I’d rather choose to fall in love and be hurt. Sometimes I can’t even sleep because I love someone too much. And there’s always sadness in our lives. It’s that sad feeling that keeps us going.Phew! Getting in on the really, real realness here, Sailor Moon. From the lips of a fictional princess of the moon comes some deep wisdom about having a love lost is better than never having loved at all.Moon: I’m told my best subject is sleeping, but I think it’s eating.Well, duh, we are all pretty great at both, I think. Sailor Moon truly nails the important things in life.Moon: Oh, I wish I could be a cat.Oh, the dream of all who have ever witnessed a furry pal curled up happily in the sun without a care in the world. To enjoy a life of luxury on someone else’s dime while stealing your master’s socks and hoarding them under the coach. We, too, have this wish.Chibiusa: Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you have to wait for a prince to come along on a white horse. You can go out and find Prince Charming yourself. It’s up to you to find the right boy. When you meet, you’ll both know if you’re meant to be together.Wise words from the oftentimes irritating Chibiusa. The pink rabbit girl has her ducks in a row though, you gotta give her that. Don’t wait to be saved by a white knight, everyone. Go out there and forge your own destiny!last_img

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