Mobile Netflix Gets Cinematic With HDR and Dolby 51 on Razer Phone

first_imgStay on target These Razer Cases Will Keep Your iPhone 11 Cool While GamingFinally, Razer Is Making a Gamer Toaster These days you’ll hear a lot of classic directors lamenting the death of film. Christopher Nolan goes through all this trouble to film his sprawling war epic Dunkirk on 70mm film, only to watch folks squint at it on mobile screens instead of the big screen. And he’s not wrong to be mad. Movies should ideally be enjoyed in their best possible quality.But mobile screens are also an ever-present fact of life now. Of course, we want to enjoy content, movies and games and shows and music, on the screens we carry with us all the time. Fortunately, those screens are improving, and while they may not reach IMAX camera levels of quality, they are getting to the point where hopefully Christopher Nolan won’t be ashamed to watch Batman on them.At CES 2018 Razer and Netflix announced that now you can enjoy the streaming TV service in beautiful HDR video and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 sound on the new Razer Phone.If you want to know more about Razer Phone check out our hands-on with the device back from its announcement late last year. In short, it’s a high-end smartphone with specs and features more in line with what Razer’s gamer customers are accustomed to. It wants to deliver high-quality media experiences.It makes sense then that Razer Phone’s focus on quality has extended to streaming media. “Razer Phone now stands as the first smartphone to support both premium audio and video formats for Netflix” both companies said in a statement.HDR, or High-Dynamic Range, allows for a broader and deeper spectrum of lights and colors within the video and images. Dolby 5.1, meanwhile, expands on surround sound for immersive, theater-like audio. We already praised Razer Phone for its impressive speakers so the jump to 5.1 isn’t too surprising.To enjoy mobile Netflix HDR and 5.1 you’ll need 1. a Razer Phone and 2. a premium Netflix subscription. Only select content supports the premium formats but that includes most Netflix original programming like Stranger Things and the lusty Marvel Netflix universe.Nothing beats seeing a great movie in a great theater, but if the viewing experience on mobile keeps getting better that’s great, too. With HDR and 5.1, it looks and sounds like Netflix on Razer Phone is your next great mobile viewing experience.For more CES coverage visit our sister site PC Mag.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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