Tourism big business for Australia

first_imgTourism adds AUD$34 billion to Australia’s gross domestic product Image source: As celebrations subside from World Tourism Day earlier this week, the Accommodation Association reflects on the economic importance of Australia’s tourism industry.Accommodation Association of Australia Chief Executive Richard Munro stated tourism and accommodation businesses are one of Australia’s largest and most important industries.“Tourism adds $34 billion to Australia’s gross domestic product, generates exports of around $25 billion annually and employs more than 500,000 people in this country,” Mr Munro said.“It is also one of the few industries that extends to almost every part of Australia.”Mr Munro said the Australian tourism industry including the accommodation sector has had its fair share of challenges over the last decade with the slowing number of overseas arrivals and the high Aussie dollar.“With the dollar dropping below parity, there are now signs of respite for tourism businesses that are directly exposed by the value of our currency,” Mr Munro said.Mr Munro said that this change has provided a much needed optimism among accommodation operators as they prepare themselves for the busy summer holiday period.“The recent Tourism Australia marketing campaign to encourage more Australians to take a break within Australia is also anticipated to add value.”last_img

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