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who wasn’t part of the study. To find the schistosome egg Mitchell and his team collected sediment from the pelvic area of 26 skeletal remains from a cemetery of the Ubaid people an ancient Mesopotamian farming culture The researchers then mixed the sediment with water and passed it through a microsieve When they examined the sieved particles from one grave under a light microscope they spotted the 132-micrometer-long schistosome egg the researchers report online today in The Lancet Infectious Diseases Mitchell and his team also collected sediment from near the head and the feet of all skeletons as control samples They found no eggs in these regions which suggests that the schistosome wasn’t the result of modern contamination at the gravesite The Syrian find throws light on the role of agricultural technology in increasing the spread of infectious disease among humans Mitchell says “A lot of different parasites—roundworms hookworms whipworms—find it difficult to infect you if you are moving a lot of time” like nomadic hunter-gatherers do This is because the populations of nomadic groups remain small they don’t stick around long enough to contaminate any one water source and they tend not to keep domestic animals such as sheep and dogs which can be sources of parasites Once humans turned to agriculture however they settled down and their populations grew past the critical thresholds that infectious diseases require to sustain themselves The places humans choose to settle may also have brought them in closer contact with parasites The Ubaid people who lived in Tell Zeidan between 6500 and 6000 years ago and buried their dead in the cemetery Mitchell studied are known to have pioneered the use of irrigation to grow food on their arid land Living near and working in those canals could have put humans right in the schistosome parasite’s path allowing it to jump from its temporary hosts—freshwater snails—to people’s intestines just as it continues to do today in Africa Asia and South America Still Scott Lawton a parasitologist from Kingston University London cautions against drawing too many conclusions about the source of the 6000-year-old infection based on the finding of a single egg “A single egg simply tells us that the particular person was infected with schistosomiasis; so drawing any major conclusions regarding route of infection is difficult It could have been through irrigation it could have been through natural water ways it may have even been an infection picked up from travelling elsewhere in the Middle East or North Africa” he says “There is certainly more work to be done to disentangle the causes of infection in the Syrian gravesite” *Correction 20 June 10:53 am: An earlier version of this article incorrectly quoted Piers Mitchell as saying that pinworms hookworms and tapeworms find it hard to infect people when they are moving a lot of the time His statement was about roundworms hookworms and whipworms The article has been corrected to reflect that The Office of Science would lose $900 million of its just-over $5? told reporters yesterday that the so-called skinny budget fleshes out what the president promised during the campaign and since taking office. while learning which children are most susceptible to the disease. known to doctors as acute otitis media (AOM) and known to parents as one reason for a screaming, Stuart Brown on drums and Delhi boy Utsav Lal on piano (replacing original member Tom Gibbs), No Label HUEMN’s showcase was all about celebrating differences. A popular type of artificial neural network used for image processing learned to associate video images with brain activity. but the resulting images were little more than white blobs.made the charity trek to raise awareness of the global water shortage.

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