A good Shanghai dragon should have what qualities


four, got up and put it down. No Shanghai dragon can even ZAC Everything is going smoothly., also suffered defeat. For the one you paid a lot of effort but it was K out of the station, you should examine yourself where. If the error is K, can claim, if not, then this site is finished, you do not need too much time wasted on it, the best choice is, give it up, start a station. Man, take it and put it down, especially the quality of such Shanghai dragon.

, a patient. Shanghai dragon is not easy. Just contact Shanghai dragon, I am always thinking and beginners, just a few days to see what kind of effect, tell you, even if it is not possible, black hat, a few days to what effect is Arabian Nights. Patience is a basic literacy is very important for a Shanghai dragon, because you need to update the content, pay attention to the key words of the ups and downs, to analyze the website data, every day waiting for your plan, no patience, how do you hold down

I have a small station, is an offbeat blog, it is to take care of the hot pillow, now two months without it, these days some keywords ranking is suddenly disappeared.

said that although Shanghai Longfeng easy entry, but also not just one person can do, do not have some of the qualities of the people of Shanghai Longfeng sooner or later be eliminated or give up and switch. Then I will talk about my personal experience, make people more clear understanding of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon is involved, but the entry is really very easy, little Internet and computer will dare to say oneself know Shanghai Longfeng, but in fact is not the case.

two, calm. Shanghai dragon is not immortal, true God is very rare in Shanghai and Phoenix, some of the so-called God is the master of water only, talk with eloquence, remember, in this circle, you’re just a pawn, real control is the search engine service providers, they move a finger, you can work a few weeks in vain. Therefore, in the face of some sudden and defeat, you should learn how to face, not a calm heart, you will just end up in confusion, worse.


three, courage. Shanghai, though not what luck completely in the industry, but also need luck, this time we need a game of courage. In the introduction of a measure of search engine, high-end Shanghai dragon will always receive a little wind, this time, if you have a good hand of chess, then you might be able to profit in the next time. But, remember, not every Shanghai dragon all dare to do so, because of a careless or drop right punishment. Careful analysis and appropriate courage, at this time the effect highlights the most incisive, stand no coward at the top of the Shanghai dragon

A lot of things to say this thing

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