Old NetEase fierce entrepreneurial and what is the relationship between Ding LeiHow to make full us

old NetEase business in the early beam and Guan Guoguang. Later the game Xu Bo, Chen Weian, Zhan Zhonghui, Feng yun. Li Xueling, Li Yong, the portal side of salmon and Tang Yan. The TOEIC, founded more, snowball finance, unfamiliar street, rain doctors.


does have a lot of departments in pension. When the boss scolded portal endowment, is part of the establishment of the.

and so on, for different categories of products, the commission rate is different. These sites often need to promote the physical goods, they will put a lot of commodity code in the members of the background for members to choose, you can according to website content, business and preferences to choose the right products. Recently in the insurance industry there are 18 e-commerce sites, such as Ping An, Taikang online, network security, network security is clear positioning their e-commerce sites, the online products are insurance card, this product is very suitable for online sales, convenient transaction, the other is the biggest advantage of it is saved logistics, because of the large amount of insurance card only online activation will be effective, recently also launched a network security alliance promotion plan, mainly is the integral plan, which is different from other B2C sites of special

I recently collected and sorted out some information about cooperative alliances or alliance promotion. Now I summarize them and share them with you. I said the promotion, is actually more popular name, official name should be affiliate marketing or network membership marketing, the first to do this, do the greatest should be shlf1314, shlf1314 and ADsense in almost all whether or not some traffic is personal website or corporate website, personal space, blog, etc. there is, and the income accounted for most of shlf1314’s revenue sources.

the boss of the game more love flat management. To coordinate in the cross on the base and top management. For example, COO is the main game left, and the boss conflict management concept.

1, the boss is the original management style. A bit like the guerrillas. In the not too high trust. Do not pay attention to the hierarchical management architecture. A small team of combat tendency.

has more than 100 large and small NetEase reporting directly with the boss. But the decision is arbitrary, many projects have. More projects rely on the performer’s personal ability. In the loose environment, if there is a good attitude instead of going to sharpen out entrepreneurial ability.

uneven distribution of resources, most boss is not attach importance to the Department to work on the resources under the condition of No. It is cultivating entrepreneurial ability.

3, the boss did not pay enough attention to micro-blog and other new business, a little self-willed. The business behind people find it difficult to break through, to venture out.

Many old people take charge as chief of Most of these

even if the current affiliate marketing website, in fact no matter for personal website or corporate website or choose reasonable advertising are an important way to bring the income for the site, the key is to look for advertising products on your website, advertising to moderation, now many sites are large advertising, let a person look very uncomfortable, the user experience is poor, it is easy to scare away visitors! So we must pay attention to the amount of advertising on the site, and, at this point, GOOGL>

4, the old NetEase not niubi. The old Sohu has Youku and cool 6. The old Tencent have rice. The old NetEase listed none. Struggle in financing.

More than

peak brother visited a number of people, there are 3 old NetEase gave advice. The answer is "a great relationship".

media said Ding Lei is a business mentor. Is a true lie.

2, NetEase is not whole company culture. Departments lack of coordination, Department of culture, is often decided by the competent personal style.

5, Ding Lei wrote a second operation three Feng Shui life, on the contrary it is out of business letter four Ji five reading.


Sohu, Gong Yugu Li Shanyou Chen Yizhou Wang Tao Wang Xiaochuan Yong qiang. It is related to the style of Zhang Zhaoyang. The boss in the back. The people want to know, then go to the resource, forcing you to mature. Another style is Chen Tianqiao. The boss is very fast, want to know directly after the draw a blueprint for you; but here can not keep up, exhausted.

second is a kind of typical shlf1314 advertising, ADsense advertising, sh419 search engine advertising alliance, Ali mother, CHANET net, OLOMO oulainuo advertising alliance, the website mainly provides advertising platform services for advertisers, through CPA each action costs, CPC cost per click CPL, each registration fee, CPM CPM mode to pay, which is the common CPC and CPM, the website alliance will provide a lot of pictures, text advertising code for members of

affiliate marketing website, can be roughly divided into the following two types: the first category is shopping, discount, group purchase network, belongs to the type of B2C, Taobao mall, these sites in the red child, Hui optional distribution… Model basically is the distribution percentage, different percentage for different categories of goods, such as Taobao mall, there are many large categories: such as maternal and infant supplies, health care, daily chemical products

The boss of

, do not pay attention to the portal. So these people will engage in their own. Has a unique temperament, strong execution. But our have not standardized, small kingdom. Some people put the list to the NetEase did not avoid the relatives of the company, and the first venture, refinancing turnover. The boss is not trust. There are more people entrepreneurial nature.

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