Novice webmaster optimization analysis three elements

finally want to say is the description of the website, which is a combination of a project and the title of the website keywords. If the key is.

search engine optimization? Three links between elements and how! Today Xiaobian help you to answer.

said the second point is the site of the key words, the classification factors of each industry are not the same, so it is not the same word. But no matter what your words, your word index is high, we must choose the definition of key words or phrases. Keywords sometimes often a site we see that what is the level of the station, and that the choice of keywords to ability for our own webmaster and to understand, we are engaged in the industry competition analysis, do keyword specific plan set up a website, but also can analyze the competition the opponent’s website to select keywords they need. Ask other webmasters, to 100 long to fill their own weaknesses, so your website keywords can do better, more suitable for you. To make full use of keyword selection tool. After all, the wisdom of others can become their own weapons.


(Web site keywords graph note)

What is the three elements of

(the title of the site map)

first we talk about the optimization of the early small three elements. Three elements can be divided into: site title, keywords, description of the web site. After optimization of two years of experience, from a start to understand now cooked in the heart. Now I can finally put this experience to share with everyone, three elements for search engine optimization but played a decisive role in a fairly high, the three points defined to optimize the site early can say a half time.

as the title of the site is also called the title title set with the site is closely related to the title of the site seems to be a word to tell search engines this website you what is in my personal, is what industry, what kind of jobs. So this sentence learning is great. Set the title should be brief, reduce repeat words such as you do is unrelated to the footwear industry website your title cannot contain electrical words and keywords repeated accumulation, to reduce, prevent search engine think your site is intended for the website optimization, the development of the latter is very not good. Some people have asked me a lot of words, the words one or two words are the same, what should I do? Let me give you an example: for example is the website optimization, website construction, website development, these three words to you at the same time in the title of the website if you you can make a classified adjustment, adjusted for the website optimization, construction and development, so it will solve the accumulation of keywords. The title of the site once set up. Submitted to the search engine, the bigger and better not to modify, or search engine will be convicted of cheating.

What is the

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