Trademark registration network is right down the antecedents and consequences need to be cautious s

2, not related to soft


I suggest two days of submission time, and timely monitor the growth of the chain of soft paper, if the increase in the chain number is already too much, then immediately stop the active construction of other platform outside the chain, the chain is reproduced if the number is not much, then you can take the initiative to build.

is the website Guangzhou trademark registration, so the website should be the theme of the trademark registration, but because the submission of the soft Wen basic is Shanghai dragon the knowledge share, lead to the chain. The site is 贵族宝贝, you may wish to analyze the sites mentioned here, some time ago, the website chain content is highly correlated with trademark registration in Guangzhou, so even if there is no soft help, also can get good rankings, then is due to the increase in a large amount of irrelevant chain, led directly to the ranking drop.


two, learned of the soft site after injury, then how to do

3, the chain is not stable

, the first analysis of the soft Wen contribute is how to bring the negative influence:

because some time ago, I was anxious to improve website ranking, so a lot to contribute soft, even when the peak day dropped 3, 4, so the chain will be crazy reproduced, looking at the chain increase rate soared, a cool. But the chain is in good times don’t last long, continue to increase, but the ranking is gradually decreased, until today, ranking has not fit to be seen.

, the author of a trademark of Guangzhou hand registered as the main keywords website is relentless drop right. After the double check, exclude the quality of website content, website structure, keywords layout and so on station optimization, finally discovered that the problem of the chain. The antecedent is some time ago because of the desire to website ranking, so a lot of the submission of soft, led to the increase in the chain speed too fast, and the chain of correlation is not high, leading to the site is considered to be the construction of a large number of low quality of the chain, the ranking is reduced.


said yesterday, in stationmaster net contribute soft, increase the site outside the chain effect is indeed very good, but is also a double-edged sword, if improper operation, will bring negative impact to the site, after all, the chain too much is not controllable. Therefore, the soft article submission also need to be careful. You need to pay attention to what

is a method of using soft due to submission multiplecontributions, thus leading to the same piece of soft, at least not reprinted dozens of times, even hundreds of times. Moreover, the author found that the same article, should be in the same Shanghai Phoenix Forum has released nearly 10 times. It can lead to the chain of pre collection, behind due to the high repetition, search engine is deleted.

1, the amount of contribution of

Last week

1, leading to massive contribution is right down

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