City Express web site optimization experience


tried to draw plenty of traffic from search engines, to expand brand awareness, not a specific products. Such as China Mobile, gome. Depending on the search engine traffic, and will the flow as a product to attract advertisers to the web advertising. Here, I hope every Shanghai dragon can purify network environment, reduce spam. The success of the site optimization to the desired position, and not only the method of cheating, as long as the heart, I want to do is the praise of the site, is not a problem.

evaluation for an excellent website, often is to pass rate and return rate to judge. I was blind pursuit of web traffic in the optimization path committed second errors. Because the boss, flow of hundreds of targets, and the new station is very difficult to achieve the target in a short period of time. So, I downloaded a brush site traffic tool from the Internet! Although to the boss’s index, but the site’s ranking is a sharp decline, seeing fast into the love Shanghai Google home page of the site, but once again returned to the third and fourth pages pressure coming again. Again, I solemnly suggest the webmaster, do not blind pursue flow, led directly to the brush flow is the consequence of the decline in ranking


search engine to attract potential customers visit your site, to understand and to buy their search products. The shop, the sales type enterprise website, etc.. Want to get a lot of traffic from search engines, visitors to promote a product, rather than buying on the spot. Brand enterprise manufacturing site, dating sites, membership site model.

first contact Website Optimization Website Optimization for some at a loss, is utterly ignorant of. The A5 and other website optimization about the forum two months after the study began, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai and Google rankings have some research. Now the website optimization experience analysis. The first station is handled at a discount on tickets, due to the website optimization website is also utterly ignorant of, and not just built long, extremely empty content. So, first made a mistake — crazy reproduced, website optimization Website for Chinese copy! Because the domain name in Google or have a slight advantage, but was ranked by (about three and four pages). A good friend is good for me on the website, in a week after the rectification, the website ranking appeared the trend of floating forward.

we do website optimization, the first to have a reasonable optimization goal. After the interpretation of the environment seriously site, the key to optimize the choice of keywords. Avoid by all means is comprehensive, often leads to the uneven weight distribution site. To express www. city.Cn as an example, the choice of keywords for the city courier, the courier, the courier and. Taking into account the geographical reasons, the long tail keywords added Shanghai city express, the Shanghai express and Shanghai on the same day express. Through the mode of transport to long tail keywords keywords >

we do website optimization, but the purpose is:

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