Shanghai dragon Tag tags optimization technology


1. common

1. for each article added Tag, so you add Tag articles will be directly linked to the East journey the corresponding Tag page. This will increase your chance of being the visit.


3. blog add up to 10 Tag, the length of each Tag is 15 characters;

Tag (Chinese called "tag") is a new organization and management mode of online information. It is different from the traditional keyword search for the file itself, but a kind of fuzzy classification, and intelligent. Tag (label) is a more flexible way to log classification and interesting, you can add one or more Tag for each log (label), then you can see all the East journey and you use the same Tag log, and thus produce and other users to contact and communicate more. Tag reflects the strength of the group, the correlation between the log and the user interaction is greatly enhanced, can let you see a more diverse world, a greater degree of Blog space, a hot news broadcast. Tag provides a hitherto unknown network of new experience for you……

2. second, the author or you can easily find the Tag and search and browse to your topic of interest.

four. How to add a "good" Tag

1. Tag should not only be able to reflect their own characteristics.

. The benefits of using TagIf you What is the Tag

1. in the "write new articles" can be added in the Tag.

five.Tag and

6. blog articles and pictures picture files can be played on the Tag label management.

3. words as simple as possible; no special characters.



5. Tag has a small font and font size, font large, rough description of this Tag the higher frequency of use.

3. at the same time, the label also with attributes of socialization, its core value is "sharing". You can also use a Tag to find like-minded friends, add them as a friend or guest. The correlation between between articles and the user interaction is greatly enhanced.

The How to use the Tag

between keywords


information index search, the same place where tags and keywords. >

2. also can establish good links with the outside world, easy to search and search.

2. Tag separated by spaces;

4. Tag long may put your template open, so please try not to use a long Tag;

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