Shanghai dragon famous interpretation how to determine the success or failure of the details

Shanghai Longfeng effectMany people

second, Shanghai dragon is a variety of long-term implementation details, the cumulative effect will be.

in the implementation process, a lot of people seem to be busy every day, but no details perfectly. For example, some people will try to start a blog, often open a dozen blog, the first two are also very hard to maintain, but a few days later, enthusiasm subsided, blog is abandoned, and then go to try, but also three minutes warm. As a result, seemingly every day very hard exploration, but nothing is busy, not what Nadechushou resources for several months. So constantly tired ah, boring, boring ah.

therefore, the details determine success or failure is not just an empty phrase, must continue to accumulate and accumulate, many aspects of the fine.

has a lot of very classic words in Shanghai dragon industry, such as the "content is king, the chain for emperor", "fine content, wide cloth chain", "the implementation of the first", "don’t shut love Shanghai" and "details determine success or failure" and so on, these claims are concentrated by the code. Temporary or truth, but executed so few.

today to talk about the "details determine the success or failure of this sentence. This is the famous saying, is the universal truth in life and work, but in Shanghai Longfeng there may make people feel very empty, don’t know what is reflected in what place. Here I will combine their experience to analyze why the specific details can determine success or failure.

definition of Shanghai dragon is "boring, vulgar, juggling, trick, ignore the user", which is boring is a lot of people have the experience of. The implementation level of Shanghai Longfeng staff repeated every day in a similar operation, such as the chain, pseudo original is the most typical foundation work, a lot of people are not hard to analysis out what things quality as the ultimate goal, only to be included.

, for example, for an electricity supplier website, will certainly have a lot of pictures, optimize a picture may be a very fine, fine to make people despise. Indeed, just look at a picture, may not see what effect, but a large number of pictures of the cumulative effect is very obvious, may. The ongoing optimization, do not pay attention to the effect of accumulation, the effect of course is simplea late.

today, Shanghai dragon becomes more need for innovation than before, it has a great relationship with the search engine update. However, this does not mean that the technical level of the Shanghai dragon can be ignored, many old things before is still the basis, such as the original content, TDK, link optimization, image optimization and so on, still need to perform in place. Only in the premise of these technical job, can we talk about innovation, the Shanghai dragon to another height.

first, the details of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners test: can adhere to the boring details, finally decided to see whether

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