Outside the station optimization tutorial series four understand the full range of BBS forum marketi

BBS forum marketing 12 aspects of knowledge are as follows:

BBS keynote forum marketing, marketing channel is discussed, BBS forum marketing should be in diversified basis, gradually formed its own culture and mainstream culture or style. For example, a column, hire or train our columnist and columnist, users are widely concerned about the topic words. Not to persuade others or impose what, but to guide the forum gradually formed the mainstream style of their. All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue. Marketing Forum, inclusive of diverse perspectives, diversified paper >

two, BBS forum marketing

BBS forum marketing is the "enterprise by the forum of the network communication platform, release enterprise products and services through text, pictures, video and other forms of information, so as to make the target customers more profound understanding of the enterprise products and services. Finally achieve enterprise propaganda enterprise’s brand, network marketing activities enhance the market awareness, is the BBS marketing forum.

Marketing Forum

front and share the "station optimization tutorial series: how to find a high quality the chain", "forum station optimization tutorial series two: to determine the influence of writing for", "promotion factors outside the station optimization tutorial series three: how to write a reasonable executable website promotion plan" aspects of knowledge. Due to the operation of hand now website (贵族宝贝china.herostart贵族宝贝) in the BBS forum marketing, so finishing some of the BBS Forum on marketing information, combined with their own website characteristics summed up the BBS Forum on marketing 12 aspects of knowledge. I’m going to do now, I BBS BBS marketing on BBS forum marketing are interested in or have inspired and summarized the effect to do BBS forum marketing friends.

, what is the BBS

Following the The

forum is the beginning of the birth of the Internet, after years of baptism, the forum as a network platform, not only have more and more BBS forum marketing with its great vitality. In fact, people began to use a variety of marketing activities of the forum, the forum has become a fresh media forum, some enterprise information publishing enterprise products in the forum, in fact, this is a simple BBS forum marketing method. BBS forum marketing can become the main channel to support the entire website promotion, especially in the website has just started, is a very good promotion methods. Use the forum’s high popularity, can effectively provide marketing communication services for enterprises. The topic of the forum open, almost all of the marketing enterprise demands can be effectively transmitted through the forum to achieve. BBS Marketing Forum is a forum for the media, participate in discussion forums, to establish their own popularity and authority, and Shundaizhao promote your product or service. The use of the word BBS, forum marketing can be a very effective means of network marketing.

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