n 2013 the new change of search engine optimization


webmaster friends when the website content is: I thought about this problem and the content is not the user wants, the user enters into my website by keyword search, the website provides information as to whether I and his heart to find content, content is king, that no matter what the time is the most authoritative I hope you, consider the following questions, search engine what is for? The search engine is to provide convenience to the user, for the user to retrieve their most wanted answers by the shortest time. Instead of entering into your website, then in an article for the content you want to see.

website updated every day, every day is not included? Copy, piece together the keywords in the rankings, why not? What is the reason?

search engine optimization, many people feel more and more difficult to do. Love Shanghai right down, the site was K has become homely food website ranking overnight, many have nothing, so many owners have lost their confidence, then the search engine optimization in 2013 how to do

site is down right, not the search engine problems, the station is a problem, in the era of progress, the search engine is in progress, with the development of the Internet market, the competition is extremely fierce, love Shanghai, soso, Sogou search engine and the 360 flight was born, is the search industry must make progress, in order to leave live users, in order to allow users to choose their own search engine, the choice in the hands of users, the search engine provides the content of what I want, users will choose to the search engine to retrieve the content. It is only a personal profile, for reference only.

2010 -2012, the weight of the site content and the chain combination will be higher.

aside ?

search engine is still content is king

In 2013,

2008-2009, the most popular mass software, website group chain, ranking straight up.

in the first half of 2009, the website keyword density, as long as the text in with several ranking will rise.

we usually retrieve "what is good?" there are high quality of the original, then this I will explain to you, what is the content of high quality, the quality of the content of your writing is not how good, you write the words how brilliant you. The content structure of how to clear, not so. The so-called high quality content, the content is written by you, the user can read, your keywords of the page, the user entered through your keyword search, you this article.

2006-2007, a web site keywords ranking will be title.

since the second half of 2012, search engine optimization, why is it so hard to do……

search engine is optimized under the previous years

first review of the


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