n order to make a chain strategy website to fly higher

sprocket has 2 kinds: one is standing group of sprocket, the other is a blog sprocket, standing group of sprocket has the advantages of different domains, different space, different IP, the effect is good. The disadvantage is the high cost of trouble maintenance. Blog sprocket is application, in each big bokee贵族宝贝 no cost, good maintenance, but the effect is not good station group. Rich people comrades can grasp, no money can only do blog, although the effect is not as good as the station group, but insist for a long time, not laugh like help on the site.

1,2 years ago less heard sprocket the word, but this year seems to be many, many sites have started to do the sprocket. The sprocket, a website without the wheel to support, you have a OUT website. Chain refers to the establishment of a large number of standing group or blog, the weight of one-way and strategic plan to import, the optimization of the website, so as to enhance the website weight. With the continuous development of Shanghai dragon, more and more companies to promote emerging, simple forum, blog, the chain has been unable to meet the needs of the foreign chain website, because each site in this, did not show the difference between. Some time ago there is a popular online expert created 3000 stations, to do links, very admire, worship you in this, you know what are the links although maintenance is quite simple, but the tedious, time-consuming, requires great patience, add 100200 feel very hard to get the goods actually 3000.. Do not admire what. On the Internet does not have a chain sprocket to teach you a while.. To tell the truth, the first time is awful, do not know what you mean, read several times I feel very content, slowly study will get a lot of things, but for the novice or not in contact with the wheel shoes is still a bit difficult, I give you talk about my understanding of the chain:



sprocket is the first thing to do is to put the blog or station group first up, cultivate its own weight, not what the weights of the outbound links have brought what use, need to develop slowly, it is best to register seriously, picture, name, description and other major information clearly, let others see feel this is not your blog or garbage dumpster, although very upset, very time-consuming, but as the Shanghai dragon, will not have the patience and perseverance is fixed? Every day a few articles, updated plan, have a certain weight, then to add links to the home page, of course, single chain it is common to the home page with the chain, is not the need for a sprocket, sprocket strategy and plan, in the brain to form a system, it is very easy to messy. Each site outside in addition to a single point to the master, the external site each link, the weight can pass, to enhance the effect of their weight. So we need to put the blog and the stations are arranged, link cycle, forming a ring, for example 1 2,2 chain 3…… At the end of the N chain back to 1, so that the weight loss, circulation use. Also in the blog or station group in the article plans to add the chain.

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