Optimization method how to clean up the mess left by the others don’t want to say

then see "114 standard net" included rate is particularly low, analysis is the section repetition rate is too high, "according to different categories, add different types of content, the latest articles, click on the most, the

query tool through the webmaster, sort out those included page to. This site contains more than 30000! Then click enter, the anchor text do not too good. Then these included page add anchor text, most of the anchor text keyword of this website to add. You can add in the article, you can also add in the other section of

through the webmaster tools, the keywords ranking in the second page, three page love Shanghai, sorted out all. Make a list of. These words, is the focus of my recent optimization, only one objective, through the rise of these keywords ranking, bring certain flow, and then increase the user experience this effect, realize the main keywords ranking promotion! Effect is extremely obvious, is particularly easy to be optimized, a few days to seven key words on the home page. This method is in these words to add anchor text, anchor text outside the chain also add these words.

The construction of the chain of 1, through the

query tool finishing in the second page, third page keywords

two months before us, a colleague, also do optimization to resign. Then there is no way to let me take over, then do the optimization. I put the index one thousand words to optimize to the home page for a period of two months. Can be said to be a small success, thinking, or put these methods for everyone to share! Case "114 standard net" can also be of interest to analyze their own

4, click on the


here is divided into two parts, the first part is a hyperlink. Don’t you know it (that is, hyperlink points into direct links) from a hyperlink. Because a website want to have good included, so no hyperlink basically unlikely. Because we in the article page, adding pages, so want to be included, the hyperlink is inevitable, is the need to strengthen the. The second part mainly do the anchor text, anchor text in these words we said above, are the key words in the second page ranking.

2, through the must be used with caution!Summary: by > to do simulation

click on the word we know it, is to simulate the user clicks on our website, there are a lot of clicking on the mutual aid group, you can also use a Witkey, friends and other methods, to achieve the operation. This is not the key, the key is to click on which words, attention should be paid to click or we can collect those rankings in second pages of words. We can according to the statistical results of their website, click on the appropriate estimate of how much. Then according to this value, effective click. Click on the software for

query tool finishing what pages are indexed by

3, the construction of the external links

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