Small and medium sized enterprises more competitive search engine promotion price is discussed

, for example, a friend, 400 phone, the year before last season, the open bidding prompted by a sudden impulse Sogou input, compared to love Shanghai for bidding is naturally a lot less, but the three months of the season, Shanghai took love bidding less than 1/3 of the money, to bring customers almost to Sogou and love Shanghai flat. We think the reason the 1. season competition force, love Shanghai auction price is too pit, and relatively good 2. Sogou Sogou to flow more effective


a lot of people may not believe, I will tell you a joke, a real thing. But a former client, web site keywords make up (love Shanghai), then to complaints that the keyword ranking has not go ah, what all you, ah, money does not work. What, if a lot of time, but it is a wonder, and asked him if he saw love Shanghai, he also vowed to say yes, you think I don’t understand. Then what? How the way home was passing through his company, go around the circle, the boss.

but why Sogou traffic will have such a big effect? We imagine these valuable traffic, are some of the owners of private enterprises (400 telephone, telephone companies, and the owners of private enterprises), many of which are over thirty years of age (of course the rich two generations, two generations of our discussion let’s say that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, the main business) for computer and Internet of things is not very understanding, many of which are on the computer what browser with what search engine. These browsers, relying on his Sogou input method occupy a lot of market, especially those not familiar with the computer network and the owners of private enterprises, is likely to be used by the browser Sogou Sogou search engine to search the keywords, but this time, search dog bidding has played a very important role.

said the search engine user groups, but since Shanghai Longfeng has been considered, well last year, specifically, it should be said that in considering the Sogou and 360 user groups is, as we all know Sogou, three jump, input method, the browser to search engine. Input method of bundled browser, the browser to search engine users; and the 360 is to rely on antivirus, browser search engine. We would like to get these rely on the user’s behavior is bound to discuss, I want to say is, what the user may through Sogou and 360 to implement the search needs of their own, and these users which we love (or can bring profit to our users)

the last 360 really good momentum, according to cnzz data show that in July last year, Shanghai accounted for about 81% of Chinese love search, in July this year, only 64%, and now the 360 Chinese search market share has 17%+, tut, thephrase, Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old, the waves will not die at the beach? When Sogou changed little, hovering around 10%.

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