Remember good article reproduced still be search engine content

?Take Sina, This paper by Yang Chao !

there is a saying: "content is king", the content here, not only refers to the original, more important is the quality of the content. For SE, they don’t need what the original article, who can guarantee that each one of the original articles are worth reading? Users see the article, the most important is the user value, whether it is not original. For example, a popular keywords, the excellent article was reprinted, you go to the original article, is rotten to death, users see only sick, do you think this original articles have the effect?? of course, I also agree with the original content, but not the original content on the site will certainly benefit. For example: you made about Shanghai dragon blog, you are not very well versed in Shanghai dragon, the original Shanghai Longfeng article is full of garbage content called, do you think SE will love you like the original article? On the contrary, you go to reprint some master write, write some of your personal views on the bottom of the page, the contents of this thought is of high quality content, Why not?

reminder: do not reprint articles pseudo original software, it’s fatal oh. You must manually modify to modify.

today I despise those who read the original article every mouth to the original content of the rookie webmaster

remember, no matter what the search engines, their intention is to provide valuable information for users. Do SE do is the user experience, your valuable content, the user OK, your site will be more and more…

of the original blog. A5 first reproduced indicate the source: 贵族宝贝

transfer and collection is not the same. The acquisition is bulk collection, maybe you only 100 articles, there are only 1 high-quality articles. Reprinted, each article you are of high quality articles, so don’t prefer to reprint collection.

and Tencent, a lot of content is reproduced, because they turn the contents are of high quality content, you are not the original SE. Several major portals are each other to turn, this is the unspoken rule. Imagine if Sina good article Tencent do not reprint, then the Tencent users never see; Wang Tong blog Shanghai dragon excellent article, Lu Songsong does not turn over, so every attention Lu Songsong blog fans do not see these excellent content. This is completely contrary to the nature of the Internet: content sharing.

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