Shanghai Longfeng station has not included 4 what are the reasons

Robots.txt file on the website optimization early is crucial, set good website optimization ranking cycle, get well, even be your website. For example, many website or website, often in Shanghai on snapshot to see such a sentence "because of the site’s robots.txt file exists limit orders and cannot provide the contents of the page description" generally do not understand the novices, may think the search engine grab problem, how to engage in. In fact, this is because the site was robots file screen led to the operation, in this case, the site is not included is completely normal, Xiao Bian just want to say, do not modify the robots.txt file no other way! Don’t know how to write robots.txt file shoes, can refer to this article: "the standard search engines included writing".

have to say a lot of Shanghai dragon Er very serious: not to build a website. The fact is that 80% of the Shanghai dragon Er will only set website template, then simply modify even complete the site built, although many of the best Shanghai dragon website is so over, but there are more examples of failure. The search engine is included in this web page, the first is the framework of this page is in accordance with the rules for grasping, or website are JS and image search engine, it is difficult to identify the root pressure, even if the website frame is the rule, but after the spiders crawl will go through a filter removed, with its appetite the page has not been included in this.

fileThe framework


and robots.txt files on the cause of the site is not included as one, it is website launch, many think buddy web content is still not perfect, also need to be adjusted, so in the robots.txt file to write down a ban on all search engine spiders to crawl, thinking of perfect websites such as well, and then change the rules for the search engine spiders to crawl. Xiaobian want to say that everyone is a temper, although the search engine spiders is a machine, but the absolute temper is not small, you can open a web site, to shut you out, two times three times and then shut out, the search engine spiders will enable its memory function, this guy gave me the first poor impression, don’t ask me many times to go sit, as can be imagined. So even if over a period of time and then the forbidden rules is removed, the spider has been a long time not to patronize, but also more normal sites not included.

website optimization encountered one of the most common problem is a new station on the line for a long time, but not normal included, not included when ranking? What causes it? Today small Sheng Qi Shanghai Longfeng share 4 common reasons.

The details are as follows:

, a robots.txt



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