A good Shanghai dragon Er how to plan optimization steps

a lot of Shanghai dragon industry students want to know how to take into consideration the website optimization steps, although I am not Shanghai dragon master, just a contact Shanghai dragon only a year’s rookie, but I do know that Shanghai dragon is the need of your overall consideration, can not care for this and lose that, absent-minded, could not good strategy is blind. In contact with the Shanghai dragon industry this year, I have a very profound experience, although my language organization ability is not good, there is no gorgeous words to describe, is some experience, I hope a little help for newcomers, I will be very glad. In my opinion, do website must have at the beginning of the construction, the content of the website optimization, website structure optimization of Shanghai dragon and consider the external web site optimization, and the patience, you can do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, this is a simple summary of my actual combat. Let me talk about my every step is how to operate.

then began the website construction stage, the pace of life is so fast, no one is willing to always find something on the portal, a lot of people stay in a site on time is not too long, as long as we keep him in a limited time to he needs the contents of OK, then we have to time from the construction site the concise as possible, which I particularly appreciate the American and European style website. From HTML to CSS to program code should be clear and concise as possible, but to enrich the content, do not get too fancy, but some can not make essential use search engine recognition technology, such as flash, JS and iframe use. At the same time, the content is also very important, only the content well, retain customers, will have more vitality.

, a construction site at the beginning of what work is to be done

then to choose a good space and domain name, especially our previous small owners, not how much money, in order to save costs, buy some cheap space, then get the space is not stable, poor security, do optimization harm not for you. For the domain name, I suggest that the choice of COM, there is no other special requirements, as long as easy to remember, easy to remember the domain name is more conducive to the promotion, such as the name of my SM, on behalf of my company name "Su beauty", followed by "wedding" in pinyin, is easy to remember, for Shanghai dragon is well, the word contains a wedding, and I have to do with the word Shenzhen wedding custom, easy to remember domain name at the same time can be obtained in addition to search engines flow.

must first determine the theme of the site, a lot of people do have a problem, is never considered the theme of the site is what, blind construction, the carrier does not go off, so as not to waste this time to go to the station. The beginning of the construction site should be carefully considered to establish what kind of site, what is your theme, you have to carry out what sector, how to engage in content and so on. Only when these basic things is determined, we begin to build, otherwise, the latter will encounter a lot of trouble, The loss outweighs the gain. Design of station or a start site optimization.

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