Examples show that love Shanghai on the website JS code is not strictly grasping

The from here.

but love Shanghai not included the contents of the site, we then look at the JS code


some of the webmaster all understand what is the JS code? Some of the new Shanghai dragon ER does not understand JS. That I described here is simple, JS full name Javascript, is a computer scripting language is a new description language, JS is often used by the website, but also quite extensive. Did they have seen Shanghai dragon "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", love Shanghai also clearly said: "as far as possible the use of flash, JavaScript etc. This text display. Is that for this type of text is not included in Shanghai love. Since the love of Shanghai not included, with no explanation of the specific. Love Shanghai is temporarily unable to identify JS code, there may be a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master already know love Shanghai may now know JS code. Anyway, today I use an example to illustrate the love Shanghai website JS code link not grab, perhaps love Shanghai also slowly recognition JS code.

content has been displayed, here we use JS code, the site is still being included that love love Shanghai, Shanghai JS of the code is not very strict. From the above example we clearly understand that love Shanghai still can not fully grasp the JS code. See from the example website article appeared part of the JS code text area included, may be temporary love Shanghai on site test, but not completely identified JS code. At present no search engine can completely capture JS, including the well-known foreign nobility baby fails to crawl to the JS, we still need to continue to study.

see sites using their JS


from here to see the article is put out by the sea in June 28th. This website is love Shanghai included. This is the site of the internal links

is Shanghai dragon brother dishes to share, but does not represent my personal point of view is correct. This is what I observed this situation. We do Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers promptly went to Shanghai Google search and the dynamic of love, to see the news search engine, to observe their changes, this is an important step in our study of Shanghai dragon


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