The importance of keywords diversification about Shanghai Longfeng process

everyone’s search habits are different. For example, there are two different search keywords "iPhone" and "iPhone is what", although the two different keywords, the search results page is different, but it is possible they want to search the information obtained is the same. As the search engine for the recognition of synonyms intensified, the search results also tend to diversify, and one of the main keywords can often extend relevant keywords many synonymous, but these words can go to get what we want our target audience, which you need to extend your keywords, let your keywords diversification.

client: "how do we do that?"

Author: "I think the first word is a good long-term goal, but these words are some competition very high word, or a large number of large sites for some words, these large sites are difficult to compete with them."

there is no doubt that the world each agency wants to help Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon "the Shanghai dragon" to do the first keyword search results. This word can indeed bring a lot of traffic to the site, but your businesses really need to do so? Search Shanghai dragon "

Shanghai dragon XXX and so on. These keywords I want each row in the first"

keywords?" Shanghai dragon

client: "we just want these words, why spend time doing a variety of

Shanghai dragon

I think a lot of the Shanghai dragon list with the author as peers have encountered such customers, this is also the author points out the reason why at the beginning of the conversation, the author will talk about this question why we need to diversify the keywords. We all know that in the process of Shanghai dragon the keywords the importance of keywords but often we are just focusing on several goals, but there will be an unnoticed talent. There are three reasons for the diversity of the keyword is so important.

Customer: "XXX

Author: "I completely understand, as I said, we still focus on the optimization of these keywords. But as time goes on, we can not ignore some of the emerging keywords or related words."

I remember once and so a customer service consulting Shanghai dragon have such a dialogue, the dialogue is probably like this:

Shanghai Longfeng customer: "but we only care about the words of the rankings, because the money in there."

Author: "when we know the words of these long-term goals, we should also add some different forms of words, such as some question and answer type of the long tail word, so we can build your whole and keep your web site traffic.

2, the long tail word more targeted

1, to obtain a broader target audience.

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