Tourism website optimization need to do what work

tourism website optimization points listed above, thinking way tourism website system in the website structure and program code, help travel agencies do the following work:

(3) station with good tree architecture, flat directory depth, is very conducive to each page to grab and rankings.

(3) JS reasonable use, effectively avoid the search engine unable to identify the problem;

According to the ?)

(1) home page and main category page using static generation technology;

apart from the above work, the travel agency only need to complete the following work, can be a very good tourism website management

(check items, thinking way said system has been doing a good job for you)

(2) code to streamline, usually no more than 1000 lines per page;

(1) CSS style call standard;

[two] URL web address and standardization: thinking way to solve the problem of code standard has been perfect.

is a preparation for the management and optimization of website of the travel agency, often do not know where to start, what work is to be done in the following way of thinking? The answer for you.

(1) domain selection problem: thinking way of teachers to complete the optimization; (tourism website domain name selection techniques and principles of

(5) H1, the right to use the H2 tag, and the product H1 page title and Title title can be set respectively;


(6) Meta intelligent call and custom settings for each page.

[three] server problem: the client site placed Shanghai thinking way of enterprise class five-star room, relatively high access speed and stability. (Note: the server will directly affect the stability of the site in the search engine rankings? Why?)

is a website to get traffic, you need to get in the search engine to get a large number of keywords ranking, the number of hits, the site may have orders.

[one] content editing: write more keywords >

The following is the

(2) host stability and security: professional automatic data backup technology and security day, five-star room.

(2) total contents and products in the user interactive page using pseudo static address technology;

[one] code label: thinking way take years to streamline the code has to solve the optimization problem of the following (Note: usually two or three months of development work, it is impossible to complete the work.

tourism website optimization work points needed to carry out the schematic:


(4) Title page title, each station fully supports custom page;

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