mprove the site and search engine friendly degree is mutual help


, why do you say that?

1, from the content, every A5 site has a large number of original content displayed, the content not only enrich website content, further to obtain the support of the search engine, imagine dozens of articles every day of the original article search engine can not happy? If your website is able to do this. I think the search engine will also provide a reasonable rankings for your website.

Admin5 we all know, the grassroots first, every day more than tens of thousands of traffic from Shanghai love into this website, so what is the reason for the A5 site so search engine and user attention?


we can see from the picture is keyword ranking first, let’s look at a Admin5 search engine friendly:

search engine is in need of original content Everfount to help search engines continue to grow and grow, so the website to search engine is really good, it must be with lots of original content for search engines, this is the first step of search engine website to obtain approval, if you don’t want to be the website search engine so, you can block search engines crawl, you can use NT tags. Here are a few examples:

2, from the function layout of the site to see, A5 offers webmaster trading, webmaster tools and so on a series of partitions, which is on the support of the search engine, we think about some outstanding features do not provide more users from search engines? So A5 support such search engines, then search search engine will return to the site with more benefits. All the webmaster website when you can use it, as far as possible to develop some new features, perhaps these new features will be able to get the support of the search engine, improve the site’s ranking.

3, as much as possible to do internal website optimization, in reality we can see if both internal quality is not good enough, then no matter how do not be happy, the site is the same, it will cause the website search engine to search engine friendly, but if your quality is not high enough, then what about the promotion? A5 website Links, within the chain, the site layout is very reasonable, we can see the site layout, the top links have done very carefully, so the website internal quality is high enough, and consistent with the search engine requirements, how such a website can not develop

there are many examples in reality, including I also included, if my girlfriend is good to me, then I will try to her, I also have a website, I feel the website and search engine is the same, if the site to be search engine friendly, then the search engine on the web will be very good

I think.

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