That is you oh Several misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng Links the exchange

we all love each other through the search site keywords ranking, if ranking is that website quality is very high; and if the other site did not think it over the other ranking level, do not want to change.

2, attention to each other website keywords ranking, but not competitive analysis of words.


as for the snapshot problem, many students think that the new representative search page snapshot of the spider to frequent, in fact the spider to grab every day will not update the snapshot. Shanghai Longfeng Jones site every day to update a high quality article, Shanghai day love spiders crawl inside 40-60 page, but the snapshot is not very new, but the trend of keywords ranking is good, that is the website home page snapshot and site quality is not a direct link.

finished Links, everyone is a friend, can not experience website optimization regular exchange, talk about other topics, nothing to talk, to promote the relationship deepens, it can be considered a kind of "emotional investment", ha ha.

1, emphasize the other web sites included, snapshots to new home.

In fact,

4, to the site to quickly change to excess Links

3, changing the link just to talk about friendship, not to focus on relationship maintenance.

, and included the site weight is, many low quality site also included many, but is not ranked. The other quality concerns included as much attention, if the other site is search engine release is not much, but the quality is very high, it is also very important to exchange, and the high value was collected out sooner or later.


Links is a very important website optimization, each Shanghai Longfeng daily work cannot do without it, but many novice or veteran of Shanghai Longfeng exchange Links have some misunderstanding! Today Shanghai dragon and Jones talk, welcome also put forward different opinions, we improve together!

to the new website optimization, Shanghai dragon Raiders recommend Links frequency is not too high, a week for 2-3 months; again, the total must be controlled in less than 20, so the site is search engine punishment.

you must remember: Links, Links, there must be love". Why? Because the website optimization process, the Shanghai dragon also can not guarantee the site has no accident. If your site appears problem, if there is a "friendship", this thing is not a thing. You are not

in fact, we should also analyze each other website keyword competition, places like Shanghai Longfeng words, some city competition is very small, some low quality articles for several Links will go up, this is not because of how high ranking website quality. And like the big city of Beijing Shanghai, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon because this kind of competition, even if no ranking of the site a lot of good quality, by reading the blogger’s article view the site outside the chain you can find clues.

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