Website snapshot to take corresponding strategies

, a web site is to update the content, if you want to update our love Shanghai snapshot must let love Shanghai spiders crawl can see the new content, if you have one or two months without updates, when the love of spiders in Shanghai are each to draw a blank back. I believe that he is willing to go not, even can not guarantee that the content is original but also can update their original artifacts. The recruitment of Xingan Meng to remind the owners must maintain a constant and regular update web content. Otherwise it will cause the snapshot stop or shift phenomenon.

two, the chain snapshot may also be a chain loss, or increase in the number of a certain period of time, both inside and outside the chain (this will likely be the love of Shanghai is cheating, let you snapshot just for you to remind) if the chain number is too small you may also be one of the reasons snapshot. Know the importance of the chain for a site. A site outside the chain if too little is unable to let the spider to crawl the content often, if the chain website does little also don’t suddenly rose one thousand this will make the snapshot.

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three, Links Links is each site have a module, when the site of abnormal situation must be timely check chain, to see if there is a snapshot stop or unable to open the site, check the same server site has been K’s website, promptly removed so as not to give the site to bring more change.

many owners see the snapshot or stop are very anxious not know how to love Shanghai scolded, as a webmaster we should change every detail calm with the site, whether it is included to reduce, snapshot stop, not in the first home page and so on, we should first analyze the recent Web site to do what? Whether the server is not stable, modify the site title, keyword is added or deleted, the recruitment of Xingan Meng to help you analyze the three reasons about possible.

if you do not change over the site, nor the above situation is likely to be on the site in the assessment or love Shanghai love Shanghai database problems, you only need to stick to your daily Shanghai dragon plan, update the original content, increase the number of the chain in everything as usual, I believe that soon you will be re snapshot release. Hope the webmaster friends meet this kind of situation not more complaints should first analyze their website. Xingan Meng to recruit and share with you all here, I hope we can communicate.

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