Website optimization stability is the hard truth

Oh!Analysis of


love Shanghai love three meals a day, every meal of different



see this topic, many friends will know about the meaning of this estimation, stability is a headache thing in Shanghai Longfeng, ranking easy, stable difficult! Today will give you simply say, if your website for a longer period of time unbeaten, simply by the following points:

many webmaster every day is to check the site’s ranking, see snapshots of love Shanghai, check the chain more or less included, more or less, in order to determine the status of the site! Actually we are concerned about this, we should analyze more keywords website attention through the website the source plan, update the site to the content of the

site space stability is the cornerstone of Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai spiders are crawling on the Internet whenever and wherever possible, through a link, through one of the anchor text index to all the sites on the Internet, you send each of the chain are likely to lead to the spider you hook, let the spider climb to your site, if your site is not open, the spider crawling road off, the little spider will think this way is different, but the next time from this! You will lose the trust of the spider web site, in the course of time, the high weight of the site was not such a toss, later love Shanghai right down to have serious consequences for

The construction of the

solution: the daily updates more than 2 articles, regular updates, best original or false original


The first thing

solution: choose well-known space business, customer service and good service, the faster the better! Recommend the use of domestic space, but need to solve this problem for the record, we slowly! If the record of trouble, then buy online record of the domain name, this will save



love Shanghai spiders are very picky about food, we should feed some fresh food for him! This is the site of the update, the stability of the update, today can update 10 articles, the day to update again a few, such irregular update is not love love Shanghai!

stable mentality

!A few points above

actually looks very simple, we want to do a very good success of a stable website, a website, make a website to bring us long-term income, then this.


mentality is very important, for each turn to love Shanghai, to timely adjust their mentality, any change to the love of Shanghai


chain is stable, daily quantitative to develop their own chain plan, every day to add a few outside the chain, then your website will be days and months multiplying, more and more powerful, more and better ranking! Ha ha, your income is also more and more high


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