What is the website ranking how to rely on before you do the original intention

? ?Many webmaster do website ?

three, improve website ranking of the core factor is what

recently I every day from the webmaster forums to see the most is the site ranking in front of the topic, ask these questions most webmaster is to do a search optimization for a year or so to the search engine ranking rules sciolistic state. They are looking for a breakthrough, find a way to beat the competition, the author also discuss some views on my website ranking.

two, we do consider what

2. I think it’s not their chain of low weight, the content of write well. I think these Adsense website poor user experience? Is a site of the main visitor missing".

? ?

1. first of all, from the heart you ask yourself, why do you want to do? Many people may say that I am to make money. I believe for interest and do the webmaster rarely. But we always see a lot of cattle station was born, the cattle station is to start a general interest and do website.

What is a

1. a day outside the chain every day to write articles. Although their website content, the chain has a lot of, but there is no ranking, this is why

, you do the purpose of

2. I remember before to see an article by Lu Songsong, the title can not remember what to say, probably remember some. He said he would not do optimization on the inside, he is standing in the user’s point of view to consider the issue of the website, meaning that "he is all do website ranking toward the user experience to consider". I believe we all know Lu Songsong’s blog, which wrote the article there is also a lot of other Adsense contribute wonderful stories to share, I often have to patronize, there are also many webmaster imitate his website style to the website, but I haven’t seen what imitate him website cattle website.

3. no matter which website, "target" is the same to the user experience and make love, Shanghai is no exception. This year, Shanghai love the adjustment times, in addition to promote their products, mainly in order to improve the user experience. But because of the defects of love Shanghai’s technology also made a lot of high-quality website ranking is not stable, but also attracted a lot of stationmaster condemning.

your website is to optimize and do or do in order to service users. From the perspective of webmaster everyone will answer for optimization, because the real power station every day in the Internet work is built on top of money, in the webmaster’s heart is only the optimized website will have ranking and flow, due to the income, including the author himself also think so, as a webmaster, so to no ground for blame. However, on the other hand we have to consider, we are considering the optimization at the same time, whether to find herself in a Shanghai dragon alley inextricably bogged down in

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