Google shopping search PPC or push into money machine

and the development trend of the most likely future is: with more and more enterprises to join Google shopping for advertising, advertising prices continue to rise, resulting in more and more small and medium-sized enterprises were turned on the threshold.


and Samir’s explanation is, establish business relationship and businesses will encourage them to ensure higher quality data, such as the exact price of products, the new product availability and so on, for consumers, means better shopping search results, which will also bring more high quality traffic business.

implementation of Google PPC, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the strength of those relatively weak, is not what good news. Google original free product search can provide more opportunities for these products of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also will not increase their operating costs. But the existing charging mode of SMEs will be forced to increase advertising spending, small and medium-sized enterprises who are unable to pay the cost of advertising, the product (even if the price is high) will likely result in the consumer’s shopping search ranking, and out of the consumer perspective, the loss of market opportunities.

But the recent Google will The Google

mentioned that PPC, the first people to think is not true of the search results, false propaganda, illegal enterprises, and so many users have been hurt case. As for has been declared "no evil" global search giant Google (micro-blog), PPC seems to not touch.

, however, for those who need to pay for the promotion of businesses, their logic is the most likely: since it is paid to promote the advantages of natural to focus on display products, so Google to provide data will have a choice, this is totally inconsistent with Samir’s argument, even the opposite.

this reason sounds far fetched, even if there is no Google shopping search, the competition between enterprises also exist, and whether the user will be shopping desire into action, the most important reference is not advertising, but the product itself reflects the style, quality, function and products behind the brand image.


for this kind of practice will harm the interests of users, Google responded: Google shopping product management vice president Samir · Samate (SameerSamat) said in a statement, the United States Google product search to pure commercial mode, will allow all scale enterprises to compete effectively, which helps consumers quickly shopping into action.

its products for Google search to adjust and change the past shopping, non commercial operation mode, from the autumn of this year, Google search results will depend on retailers and advertisers to the size of the top products will no longer be the most popular products but, the highest bid product advertisers. Google active wear PPC hat.

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