Optimization of K station why love over the sea

was really a bit disappointed, but as a warning for the future, or.

some time ago, took over the operation of a nursery site, upload edit website content one day, adjust the website related parameters, by comparing the competition website keyword density, a reasonable set of web page keyword density, to a certain extent, personally think that the website construction is completed, the next step is related to operation.

: fourth months to find and solve problems

love Shanghai search engine on the new assessment period is three months, therefore, the new station was established, mainly to do the content, write some original articles uploaded to the website as in the past, hard work pays off, after nearly two weeks, Shanghai love finally included website home page. The next work is to update information, because of the original articles to a certain extent is a time-consuming work, from the angle of efficiency, the appropriate increase in the number of false original article, after all, love Shanghai spiders in the pseudo original works are not absolutely blocked, so every update three article two article of the original information, a pseudo original, so every day, soon I found that the site command results included many articles, surprise is domain. There are also some included, I updated information is translated into effective links.

in the first month: the daily updates 3

Er Shanghai dragon foreign chain is not strange, but he is an important indicator of website! Because it is beginning, every day can send one or two outside the chain, I choose the chain platform are some of the large classified information website, such as 58 city Ganji! Included observation, the effect is good, through the construction of three a week or so of the chain, the site chain nearly 100, I feel very gratified, keyword ranking has increased significantly, from more than 100 pages to 10 pages.

Third months:

web site operators to this time, it is time to do some key optimization, on the one hand, web page keyword density make some adjustments, on the other hand, increase the site outside chain number. According to their own wishes, I will be home page keyword density higher than average 2 percentage points, to 6 the chain every day. I began to send in some large business website industry chain, and the forum, and Q & a platform, but the classification information mostly, so crazy after the construction of the chain, the horrors, I went to the company that morning, open love Shanghai, search keywords, find my website disappeared. At that time, did not think that a normal adjustment to love Shanghai, two or three days to recover, but waited for nearly a week, the website or not search (search website is full), think of the site website, the home can not see, come to understand, to be loved Shanghai black out the.

second months: the daily increase of two chain

updates 1-2 chain 6

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