Use some strategies to optimize the software secret Shanghai Dragon

you may not know what this is, is simply the agent used for IP, many times the forum or blog will be IP, this can be spared, but I generally do not have here, because the forum and blog will seal, basically you can not approach or they don’t allow do you change in IP, in the same hair will still be blocked, a title, before you send the content directly deleted light, white and so on

, how is the effect? how?The

many people are using this software, also often listen to some Adsense said is not good, the site came right. Personally feel that this software is very easy to use, no matter in mining resources, or mass are very sharp, especially as Google optimization, website ranking rose a sharp knife, benefited in every way. In my company, I was responsible for software bugs in the use and maintenance of the software, I haven’t used directly in the main station, but indirect, indirect

Shanghai dragon to rational use of resources, to good use of resources, to use resources according to the characteristics of search engine, not blind to use, the consequences will be very serious. Believe that now many webmaster use some software, like some bulk software, acquisition software, for IP software, these software with good ranking, rising very quickly, with no good website has been right down. The reason is not the software, but in the use of people. Here I do after the station to use the software, how to use


bug used directly in the main station is too dangerous, there is a danger down the right, although Google group is not so sensitive, but many will be dangerous, so I used to a blog, a station group, a chain wheel, indirect contribution for the website ranking. Every day I each station or blog articles in 5, slowly increase the weight, stable prices, reduce the risk of. So far as the main station to feed 64 resources stand, sprocket countless, natural resources stand down the right and blog title is certainly there, but of no great importance, resource station is right down, I will continue to slowly, weight will be back, the title is more simple and direct a new patch on the line. This weight is accumulated, can continue to provide the master "fertilizer", as time increases, the amount of more and more big, website ranking soared. Even to add some new sites, friends of the chain, can quickly improve the ranking.

of course also have to worm used to love Shanghai optimization, but love Shanghai more stringent, as the station group, the sprocket is sure not to do, basically is to die. So I love Shanghai, only the basic software bugs as a tool for mining resources, forum, blog, classification of information, all bookmarks can be dug out, specifically looking for some high weight website, and then to manually add, reduce the probability of drop right, improve the readability and the quality of the chain, not as a waste the chain. The chain between extensive and general quality, also can make great contribution for the website ranking.

worm mass software

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