What are the preparations for SEM basic knowledge and early bidding

so a person how to start bidding, I was divided into several aspects about all the knowledge, first you must understand the bidding, to learn through love marketing center in Shanghai, all the courses center which all need understand, don’t understand to love Shanghai encyclopedia, the need of self-learning ability and strong people understand all the love marketing center of Shanghai course, then congratulations, you have almost theoretical knowledge can begin operation.

auction is SEM (search engine marketing), bidding simply said the above ranking promotion competition is the use of the competition mechanism in the search engine, the more high ranking, your ad exposure is greater, show Click amount, at this time the user clicks in transactions on your website, website revenue this, the vernacular expression, believe that white one can understand.

is according to the lyrics, lyrics is a technology live, the need to slowly study, but the basic skill is excel, you should know what is the core keywords you promote the products of the lyrics before, such as the ticket industry, it is the core keywords machine ticket booking, ticket inquiries, so it is the expansion of the word can be Beijing ticket to Shanghai (to regional) in this category, also is the Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and so on, these words is not the core keywords flow but also great, you need to expand keywords slowly into the large flow of keywords in love Shanghai keywords assistant, or the Google Adwords which could see the relevant keywords, and each keyword flow.

work, simple talk about their own auction this several years of experience to share with you. We first use a flow chart to see the trend of bidding process.

can then do large quantities of lyrics, keyword matching according to the different parts of speech is not the same, than the ticket booking, the traffic is very large, then in the future competitive price is also high, if you use the phrase, it shows a great amount of cost is very high, so choose accurate wait until the match, a high degree of quality, and then optimize the creative range makes CPC in acceptable, considering the use of phrase matching." Beijing ticket to Shanghai "this word can use the phrase, more appropriate, matching and a broad match, widely matching method is wider, as long as the search words contain any character in the key words, are likely to be displayed, generally used widely, words are words suitable for exposure, bid 0.3 yuan to 0.7 yuan, but also the root.

first, how to start the bidding

market share, competition, all the details of any product details, you need to understand and even the same product manager product. So you will be more targeted promotion, the promotion effect is the most immediate.

The next The


second, bidding staff must understand what you have to do the promotion of the product is what

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