Why not love love Shanghai search website creative elements

algorithm does not favor a few reasons to love Shanghai station enterprise innovation


love Shanghai for the text collection and text quality identification technology has basically been mature. Love Shanghai algorithm can determine article is high quality or low quality of the original mosaic and pseudo original, love Shanghai spiders can also each link in the chain or climb all enterprise station, but for pictures, video, animation, these elements of the site, love Shanghai algorithm recognition ability is very limited. Enterprise website is more innovation, innovation in the image, animation, video and other elements of the. These innovative, love Shanghai algorithm may not be able to identify, and may bring negative effect on Shanghai Longfeng work, such as a large number of animation effects causing the site to open slowly, thereby affecting the website ranking.

two reasons: love Shanghai algorithms cannot identify the elements of innovation enterprise station

One reason:

algorithm can reflect the love of Shanghai want to rank entities under the line

comparison of domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises station station, then you will find a large number of contrast, foreign enterprises stand the pace of innovation is much faster than domestic enterprises. Although this is only a vague feeling of many personal adsense. One of the reasons is actually by supporting the conclusion. In the webmaster website, some of the title "best enterprise design" in this article, the appearance of the site almost all English station. It seems that in foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises more than the station station keen on innovation.

why? In addition to the design concept, technical level, innovation environment gap, I think, another reason is that search. Because the domestic enterprises stand for love in search of Shanghai are dependent, and love Shanghai search algorithm does not encourage innovation of enterprise website. This, in fact many owners feel very deep, if a video or animation, or what other innovative elements on the website, is likely to affect open speed website, which led to the website love Shanghai ranking search results decline, so a lot of personal sites tend to conservative design enterprises.

Reason three:

so, we have to ask: why love Shanghai algorithm do not favor the enterprise innovation

we input the name of a product in Shanghai, we hope we find the enterprises, the industry should be more well-known, large scale, strong technical strength, I click on the link to buy the product in the enterprise website, is able to give me the greatest benefits, rather than a low quality grade, poor service a level of enterprise. From the user experience point of view, love Shanghai also hope to promote this result. So, love the Shanghai algorithm on the B2B website focusing on Web traces, pay more attention to the user of the product evaluation, focusing on web in the well-known sites where the position (chain), hope that the enterprise stand to a certain extent reflect the line strength, rather than marketing strength. So, love the Shanghai algorithm is not too keen and preference in the marketing business standing too hard. So, it is not love innovation station.

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