How do bloggers abroad earn tens of thousands of dollars a monthDuxter focus on lifestyle gaming com

RSS Subscriptions: 9954

build time: October 2005

ad format and fees: small button ads: $350 / week. Navigation banner: minimum $2000-3000 / week,

sounds like Duxter’s business model is based on advertising, but it’s not the traditional profit model. "We don’t publish links anywhere and wait for clicks," says Mr bo. Duxter focuses on the connection between gamers and their favorite games and game brands."

alexa rank: 4840

Author: two people, one full-time blog, one part-time

update frequency: 20-40 per day.

Duxter URL: duxter

build time: January 2007

advertising formats and costs: shlf1314, Adsense, AdBrite, and online advertising; $500-5400, an ad position.


BusinessWeek recently published an article on how foreign top bloggers are making money. The blog alliance has categorized its articles and added a lot of content. If you need to reprint, please keep this link. The blog alliance will introduce these blogs in two parts, and then analyze the reasons why these blogs make so much money in blogs in third.

traffic: PV for about 500000 days.

Duxter interface, their ideal is to be a lifestyle oriented gaming community".

technorati rank: 70



technorati rank: 2

build time: January 2000


blog revenues: about $150000 / year,


The use of

RSS Subscriptions:

Duxter has received $about 500000 seed financing, in addition to desktop clients, but also intends to further release the mobile version.

"The biggest difference between Duxter and other websites is that the former focuses more on lifestyle than just game data,"

technorati rank: 24

Author: four people.

blog theme: pictures about cats

LinkedIn has become the occupation identity authentication center on the Internet, Facebook has become a social identity authentication center, therefore, a startup founder and chief executive officer of Duxter Adams · Libo Adams Lieb also want to beat Duxter aspiring, causing the game identity authentication center.


alexa rank: 2074

traffic: 20000 independent visitors / day

blog revenues: over $1000000 a year,


is now flooded with games, social networking centers, but Adams says their product, Duxter, focuses on specific aspects of the gaming experience. For example, game player will usually share their data to Raptr games and achievements, Duxter also contains the recording function, and depth to a specific function of different games, Duxter supports more diverse social content. The ultimate goal of Duxter is to build an integrated platform that integrates all of the user’s gaming and social activities, which is why it began to compare with LinkedIn and Facebook.

Duxter is also very convenient, when the user login, you can own the other game account service center and Duxter links, including Xbox Live, Playstation, World of Warcraft, Steam and YouTube etc.. At the same time, users can also pay attention to other game player game makers and public home page, in order to view a variety of game information, also can send information, to participate in the forum, visit the other game player watch video, play games and win the honor and so on.

blog revenues: about $70000 / year,

blog themes: Science and technology, humorous stories, science fiction stories, computers, etc..

Adams said." This means that Duxter users will be involved in the topic of discussion outside the game interesting life, the new trailer for the movie "the Hobbit", or Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd.

traffic: in 2007 June, BoingBoing PV was 22000000, IP was 2600000, average daily visits were 733333, independent visitors were 86666.

alexa rank: 2180

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