sh419 PPC was questioned in September 14th formally charged customer rightsA NOKA collapsed and 400

‘s first day in Finland began with NOKIA, the biggest concern.

, a former employee of NOKIA, has set up 400 small companies in Finland." When Marco Polo, general manager of the innovation center of Finland, told the number, it was a surprise.

what is now supporting power of Finland continue to innovate? By the Embassy of Finland "pure Finland" project of science and technology has been at the invitation of Tencent after National Day this year into Finland, to understand the technological innovation and investment in Finland.

undoubtedly, NOKIA’s decline is emotional. When asked about the post NOKIA era, Finland foreign trade and European Affairs Minister Lenita Toivakka some emotion: NOKIA had indeed very powerful, but we would like to emphasize that the creation of the myth of people still. We have not lost this ability."

these companies, including the already famous Jolla mobile phone companies, most companies are not as familiar to users, but invisible, the former NOKIA created the company has built a ICT ecological system in Finland. This ecosystem from the mobile phone hardware and software to the ICT security system, map navigation and NOKIA founded, plus the Angry birds developer Rovio, had boarded the apple App Store download charts of the game "tribal wars" developer supercell ICT, is a complete business environment.

Abstract NOKIA’s former staff in Finland has established 400 start-up companies, which may be the next NOKIA.


is passionate about social and gaming


," she admits, "there is no big like NOKIA in the past, and it’s not going to happen any time soon.". But because Finland’s universities pay great attention to scientific research and innovation, rather than bemoan the decline of NOKIA, it is better to explore these innovative small companies actively. They are "hidden treasures"".

, Tencent, Zong Xiuqian, October 9th, Helsinki,

is the most popular user of social apps and games in Finland

unfortunately, last year, after NOKIA’s mobile phone business was sold to Microsoft, the familiar NOKIA seemed to be gone forever. At the end of a game cycle, Angry birds seems like a memory.

in extensive network Beijing on September 14th news has been sh419 search engine to Chinese leader’s image of the media and the public’s favor. Recently, sh419 has entered an eventful year: experienced layoffs storm, MP3 downloading infringement case against, recently some customers even questioned the core business of sh419 PPC "suspected malicious clicks and malicious shield, and a lawyer at the sh419 Inc of today officially filed a lawsuit. Look at the report from Wang Siyuan, an economic reporter at the central station.

, is the search engine customers through the registration of products or services to other users to search keywords, when customers "through these keywords, customers pay in accordance with the number of clicks an advertising model search engine company cost.

Second, malicious shielding problem. What is a malicious screen? For example, my clients are bidding on sh419. But we search sh419’s search engine in our Chinese real name or English domain name, but can not open the customer’s Web site, how can we open it? You can only enter the keyword through the customer through ppc. In other words, only by letting my customers pay for sh419, can Internet users open my customer site. This is the malicious screen.


, the 400 sons and daughters of the company,

Finland was very close to Chinese users at one time. For more than a decade, the NOKIA mobile phone from Finland has carried people’s technology and digital life, and the slogan of "science and technology as the people" has gone deep into the mind and body. Angry birds, a once popular mobile game, came from Rovio, a Finland game company.

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