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Internet, this is a world that cannot be touched. In this world that can not be found, how can you make yourself better? A single operation model can no longer meet the current social needs of expansion. The key to whether the Internet will last long is whether you can create your own eco chain. For example, Tencent has created a suitable ecological chain, the accumulation of users through the , and the development of other industries, the formation of their own competitiveness, will build ecological chain belonging to the Tencent’s Alibaba; ecological system, the.

1. major bank card, need to open online banking functions, mainly for the day after the remittance transfer money by

three, to create their own ecological chain

2., caifutong must have, most of the domestic league will support Alipay

Alipay 4. see

time is fair to everyone. Every day, everyone has only 24 hours, no more or less. So don’t complain every day that you don’t have enough time. Use the time that you squeeze out to realize your thoughts at once. Only in this way can you quickly seize the opportunity and make a difference in a certain field.

3. international bank account, like Alipay, PayPal, AlertPay, if the country.

2. you are a patient person: this analysis can see whether they can do a long payback period of Wangzhuan, such as GG.

analysis of 5. do Wangzhuan mentality: if you are eager for money, greed, want to sleight of hand I still do not advise you to do this. The final result is their own money to buy Wangzhuan, results in a complete mess.

first I feel something and then analysis more efficient to do Wangzhuan, do Wangzhuan before see the following:


do Wangzhuan friends their own network circle: to find out whether there is a friend do Wangzhuan their network circle, Wangzhuan is sometimes the layer of paper, is very simple, but no one is broken, very difficult, is not understand. Oh, my Wangzhuan entry station is PC eggs and NEWSbar eggs, PC received five Q, Newsbar up to now has not received a money. Kazakhstan.

Internet business and the reality of the business there are some differences, but have one thing in common, that is: what you do can meet user specific requirements? Only to meet user demand for products to retain customers, retain customers only, just can achieve the corresponding benefits. Therefore, the Internet business, first of all, you should make it clear that what you are doing now, the so-called entrepreneurship can meet and address the specific needs of users. Solve the user needs, which requires a clear understanding and dialysis of user psychology, accurate access to their needs, is essential to the success of entrepreneurship, but also the first step in the real Internet business. You must take this step because it will determine your final accomplishment after hard work.

can be said to have been engaged in the rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan all online, we focus on Chinese click, although China score low because of my station, good quality, professional promotion, excellent team spirit of cooperation, so the amount of income feng. Of course, not everyone is as small and successful as I am. A little experience of their own experience, hope for the intention to engage in Wangzhuan friends a little inspiration.

3. analyze your own connections in the network is very wide: see how their network of contacts, know you are suitable to do like this kind of guest wangzhuan.

the above analysis of five finished, I want to give you some common items, you will know for what, not all Wangzhuan are for everyone, especially the novice friends, a lot of tutorial that how to make the number of days, finished feel out of the can do actually do, but ignore the operation methods and their own circumstances, and finally most failed. I have seen a lot of friends, just beginning to do Wangzhuan when they are very passionate, but no goal, usually do Huidong, West to the end to do is give up halfway.

analysis of what aspect of your own: This is the best analysis because you will know what to choose which aspects of Wangzhuan, if your language ability is good, can communicate, can consider to pull off the assembly line to make money, this easy entry.


ideas can never be realized unless they are put into practical action. If your mind is only on the level of thought, then you will lose the initiative and lose the chance to succeed. A lot of people’s behavior is like this: today, there is a good idea in mind, and then want to do nothing, and then do it tomorrow, anyway, he is still young, there are plenty of time. The idea is clearly wrong and extremely undesirable. After have the idea, you should take action to seize the initiative, the society is the social fast fish eat slow. When you have an idea, you should act immediately so that you can seize the opportunity and change your mind into reality.

Internet provides a more fair and impartial platform, as long as we have ideas, have some start-up funds, you can make a big effort on the internet. The Internet business is not than the reality of the business, what is the Internet business should pay attention to the key factors to pay attention to what? We want to get success? For this problem, I would like to be his own experiences to write out and share the hope that we can make progress together.

next to the novice friends to talk about what to do Wangzhuan before things:

1. What are your requirements for users,

two, quickly seize the opportunity,

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