Pick up endorsements and do electricity providers but how long have you not seen Papi sauce videoTo


second, now I stand more than 20 high quality external connection PR> 2 to stop a few days when I stand PR PR update will be born, the time to sell corn two hundred ah, now sh419 included more than 700, now the site for four months, sh419 is stable, each Tuesday will be updated, if can update ten articles every day, a week can be included seventy papers about one month can be included in more than 1000, is now the corn you buy included more than 1000 to two hundred or three hundred

Papi sauce limelight two ad auction after the price of advertisement fee, in addition to the red net capital pulled up to a new high level, there are a lot of people waiting to see how she was made a donation of FLAG treatment. One year later, promise finally realized, the network a sigh: Papi sauce is really red circles in a stream network.

text / entertainment Unicorn

but I no site, traffic decline, revenues also fell better, I was sad, I don’t know what to do, so I have a week to a flow of course also fell, but I still didn’t change is not my site. Although I surf the Internet every day or less, but to Internet cafes, with someone else’s machine look at today’s traffic, always think about how to develop every night, sleep at night is to fall asleep until twelve, second days to wake up every day trapped, learning efficiency is reduced, so a month later, in this exam my result actually decline so quickly, to count 30, in our school, only the top five only hope is the last I wanted to think, how to learn to give priority to, we all know that children in rural areas in order to stand up only to learn the university entrance exam, because I can never now the small profit and delayed the future, finally made a decision that I don’t want to do, I sold the station, also helpless! First introduced my station, I do the high school English network, GG a lot of money, if you can do eight hundred flow There are 4000PV, every day can earn $three above, this station has 2 more than more than 20 PR even, good position is now sh419 index reduces the flow is reduced, if carefully managed within a month can flow more than one thousand, then the daily income of at least $five, what I do is the learning station is very promising, after the sale to provide buyers with development strategy, divided into the early mid late stage development strategy! Now 1200 yuan to sell my website, we may see the price is a bit high, but you listen to my analysis here do not feel your.

a 22 million red net auction, Papi sauce net red career into the watershed?

some people say that the fastest person may not be the farthest. P>


Papi yesterday because of the excellent quality of honesty and trustworthiness of the sauce occupies all kinds of media headlines and micro-blog hot search: April 21, 2017, Jiang Yilei Papi sauce, partner Yang Ming will be officially a year ago the promise of cash. Two people in the name of free network science and technology limited company, will be a year ago for the first time through the 22 million yuan income obtained public advertising auction, tax deduction after gold net income of RMB 20 million 660 thousand and 6 more than 1000 yuan, officially donated to his alma mater Central Academy of Drama.

first, space fee one hundred!

third: this site is closed >

? After about a year ago

I have been due to middle school, learning very nervous, no time to think of the university management website, have time to do stand if we do not study hard, think that the future can learn too late for regrets, while doing the station, but the website that I can’t stop learning, when others are in class, listen carefully I was in the planning, website development, class of the total can not concentrate on it, and students and teachers said about me, they think I should learn to give up, learn to endure through the pain, but what I was willing to lay down, the home is very poor, just want to make a station to get enough college fees OK, so as not to the university but also to borrow from relatives, then I also began to slowly give up, a week before the last Internet cafes, slowly ignore website.

it is understood that the use of funds include: the establishment of "the beginning of the heart, for professional class scholarship funded outstanding students; Central Academy of Drama East Campus named as" don’t forget the black box theater theater ", improve the new campus construction of auxiliary facilities for teaching and scientific research; support students art creation, every year to choose a certain number of student projects to make a donation for a period of 10 years.


"I’m Papi sauce, a woman of talent and beauty."." How long have you not heard the famous "Red Queen"


, but back to reality, I can’t help asking a question: how long have you not seen a short video of Papi sauce?


by fancy Tucao short video Papi network Chinese first become red sauce has long been spread of seeding works, even Papi sauce in the face pack disappeared, micro-blog, AB and other young people gathered in the station platform, her influence is dull. Her body had to attract public attention to the Internet characteristics seems to disappear, it is more worthy of attention: Papi sauce is the first short video network red? It at auction if the overdraft value of her, that she is now in such an embarrassing situation? < / p>The most successful example of a short video for

, Papi sauce facing not just face ordinary net red pressure network competition, she may also herald a short video industry in the future will be how to change.

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