Online venture gold 10 trick into a millionaireHow to improve GGAD click through rate

pretending you’re writing from the Antarctic, pretending you’re Santa Claus, writing to children and giving Christmas presents. Of course, the parents of these children have to pay, 10 yuan a letter. Listen and make fun of it, but you’ve sold 200 thousand.

10. is in the lower part of the Adsense advertisement. The key words in that location are most likely to influence advertising. For example, if the word "clown" appears below the Adsense advertisement, then the advertisement is likely to be about the circus and the clown.

8. sets the URL color to the same color as the advertised text, and the ads for 728*90 and 468*60 do not display URL.

2 fitness poker

6. font, font size, word color, advertising color must be consistent with other text elements of the page. This allows advertising to fit into the web better,

7.Adsense ad code sets the color of links is: shlf1314_color_link= "color"; "color" is twelve hexadecimal color number, you should set it to 0000FF, use blue links that you can click rate increase at least 25%.

8 million dollar

sets out a set of cards, prints a set of fitness methods on each card, then sells them online, paying $18.95 a card. Who will buy it? I don’t buy it. But a fitness trainer sold $4 million 700 thousand on the Internet last year.

Westerners have a tradition, when Thanksgiving, take a turkey bones, two people drag, who drag to the longer section, who wishes to achieve. How many pieces a year can you get from turkey bones? Someone sells fake plastic vows on the internet. Who bought this thing? But they are producing 30 thousand roots a day now.

4. color increase click rate advertising content, text color

many mothers have to go out with a few diapers and change them on the way. But generally women use backpacks, handbags and other may not be suitable, diapers out, take into is not convenient. Some people have built a website, diapers dedicated backpacks, but also divided into 22 categories. It opened in 2005 and sold for $180 thousand.

what’s the best way to increase the click rate,

3. uses the large rectangle of 336*280, followed by the medium rectangle of 300*250. Two ads of this size are released together and work very well, and you are recommended to use a "wide skyscraper", of course, as long as the text is, and put it on the right edge of the page. 468*60 ads are the worst hit by.

sells small balls, small toys, and the like for car antennas. Is anyone still using this item? It’s still on the internet. Look inside, but also a millionaire was born.

3 date AIDS patients

has a lot of friends using forums to find a problem, that is, now GGAD hits at 0.05%, miserable

5. set advertising frame consistent background color and background color advertising pages, choose a web page and the same color as the background color, make the advertisement frame and the background color and web page, this advertisement seems like a part of the contents of web pages.

specializes in designing a game that is more comfortable, sweaty, and hands free. The joystick is sold online. This product is not only very popular, but also goes into the supermarket.

6 joystick

The most important position of !

online money to start business in the end what is the trick? This question is not easy to answer, can do too much. You have to start with your own hobby and study what you can offer to a target market. The thing you can provide is something other people can’t find for you, only you can find it yourself. The following 10 tips are recommended:


5 vow bone

4 special diapers backpack

1 antenna ball

2. text ads click rate is higher than pictures advertising.

by the way, they’re all made in china.

1. makes advertising not like advertising. Pay attention to colors and web pages,.

believes that many people know the idea of dividing the page into 1 million pixels, each selling one dollar, and of course having to buy more than 10X10

, what’s the idea of dating an AIDS victim? If you’re not an AIDS victim, you probably wouldn’t want to. But if you’re an AIDS patient, it might sound like a different idea. The target market is very accurate and adequate.

7 letter from Santa

That line of code

9. fold line above click rate is high. first screen

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