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in India, such as In, 50, hrs, and Startup Weekend, such technology competition is becoming an important platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas, create new projects, and find investors. Some games require entrepreneurs to turn their creativity into products in just two days, so it is called a crash course for start-up companies".


"if the previous advertising model is mainly aimed at content to advertise, then Xplus’s new advertising profit model is directed against people to advertise."." Yu Gan said.

, India’s tech entrepreneurship competition, starts Friday, and participants must submit their best ideas to encourage others to join their team. On Saturday and Sunday two days, teams will work to develop customers and test the appeal of creativity. On Sunday night, they >

"the biggest difference with previous media advertising, Xplus lets you target your advertising initiative," love you "advertising." In March 30th, CEO, the operator of Xplus, a new online service platform in China, took delight in introducing the new advertising profit model. On the day of the Xplus advertising the new conference, he is not only a live demonstration of the latest Xplus advertising works, also officially announced the "shopping guide", "Economic Observer" and other traditional media cooperate message.

these events, modeled on similar entrepreneurial activities in the United States, attracted large numbers of young engineers and spawned more than 10 new start-ups in just a year. Under the guidance of experts, such projects are being sought after by entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors and incubators, and are growing into new technology companies.

general business plan doesn’t make sense for tech companies because the product changes every 6 months.

magazine is a new and powerful thing that impacts people’s eardrums with "super girl" and "blog" in 2005. Visually, it retains the catalog of flat magazines and uses computer technology to create realistic pages. But it is more impact than traditional magazines, the picture can realize 360 degree rotation, the vision is full of dynamic and layering, magazines with cool or elegant background music, the reader’s senses fully mobilize. In addition, it can interact fully with the reader, through dynamic flash interludes, so that readers can play games like magazines, in frequent mouse clicks, very interesting to read.

creative commercialization shortcut

in this competition, they developed a product called Eventifier, this product can be all over the Internet photos, video and conversation content together. At present, there are 20 European and American manufacturers to become customers of Eventifier. The company also received the Startup Centre Chennai venture accelerator The favor, obtained the seed round of investment.

in India port city of Mangalore, a young engineer team as an example, Jia Izmir · Bardot · Jazeel Badur Ferry, Philip Mohammed Saud · · Bukh Mohammed Saud Bakhar, · Nazimu; Shane Nazim Zeeshan is for the three members in the BPO, but at the same time in the search for better development opportunities. In June last year, three people accidentally took part in a business competition, in less than 50 hours will become a creative technology product prototype.

by virtue of the unique characteristics of multimedia, network advertising has "a born beauty". It can fully mobilize the Flash, video, picture, sound simulation of real space, let the reader in the three-dimensional space as "play the game" heart interaction and advertising, effectively enhance the reader’s memory of advertising and advertising in the click preference.

it is understood that, Xplus also plans to launch VOIP value-added services, advertising users click on the icon, you can directly communicate with advertisers, advertising mechanisms automatically sell new advertising mode, so that readers and wide

for tech start-ups, the entrepreneurship competition has become a shortcut for them to push their creativity to the market. Software developer Progress Software vice president of product Ramesh · Lange Ramesh Loganathan; he is one of the mentor Startup Weekend activities. He pointed out that most of these participants were about 25 years old, and they thought they would spend two years on their own ventures, even if they failed at last.

in addition to more interactive forms of advertising more interesting, Xplus launched online magazine advertising targeted, more accurate delivery. The advertising industry once famously said, "I know that 50% of the ads I put out are wasted, but unfortunately I don’t know where those 50% are."." Xplus advertising model broke the advertising industry once ", solves the golden laws and precious rules" advertisers advertising troubles. According to the unique user behavior information analysis system, the Xplus background will automatically record which page the user reads, the length of the reading, and how interactive actions, etc., and analyze the user’s reading preferences. After that, Xplus will read and analyze statistics according to the user’s reading preferences, and select different clients for different advertisers. Instant insert advertising model will be to "float" into the number of advertising ", provides the possibility for the small and medium-sized enterprise brand advertising in the media.

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