The site was K fifteen days after the resumption of normal experience sharing

dream weaving administrator of the online home from August thirty after the development is fairly smooth, the site was collected fifteen days after a plurality of main keywords has been ranked first, such as "dream template" and "dream tutorial" etc.. These keywords Baidu index is not high, competition is not big. But the dream weaving administrator of the family after all is new sites, first choose some easy competition and targeted keywords optimization is more conducive to the development of other sites, the weight of ascension, some popular keywords to optimize.


has not started in October 10th in good times don’t last long, update, No. thirteen site to the home page, get a better ranking page to search. Then included somewhat reduced, preliminary judgment site has been punished by Baidu. The website is punished by the search engine is not a big problem, the most important thing is to find out the reasons for the punishment, and to rectify it, which will help us sum up mistakes and accumulate experience. There are many reasons for the site to be punished, such as frequent changes of the site title, page 404, a large number of sites have collected content or excessive website, waste too much the chain, for Links and some illegal websites, websites often visit etc..

the dream weaving administrator by search engine punishment, do not have a good grasp of the optimization is certainly, or on the site to adjust. To do this, sort out some of the optimizations and modifications made by the search engines before they are penalized, and analyze exactly what leads to improvements. Dream weaving administrator of the home updated most of the content is original, either after the collection was released, so the content of the website will not exist what problem; the title page also has not changed, still may be included website template; but can not open the page number; site has normal access may lead to the following problems; the.

1, make some adjustments to the web sidebar, and move all the links to the inner page.

2 adds a Sina micro-blog pendant micro-blog show on the web sidebar.

3, the chain grew too fast.

because of the gradual increase in friendship links, in order to take into account the beautiful page, all the links moved to the internal page, the basic web site no export links. Links moved to the inside pages, to exchange Links and dream weaving administrator of the home site, I have a visit (basic is to exchange links and blog sites), bloggers to inform messages, after all, we all have mutual contacts, friends of the Links for adjustment, if not told. It seemed too little respect for others. None of the O Tahiro owners have been able to adjust my links, except that the individual blogger has removed the link or moved to the inside page. Because they all link up with the blog website, everyone doesn’t think much of the objective data of the website. Now I exchange the links, and I don’t have much demand for the exchange of links between the independent blog and me. If this problem causes the website to be punished, I also can not make the adjustment, must punish also is the short punishment, also can recover later.


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