Write the soft text experience must be careful with the brain to write

yesterday due to emotional knocked so many words on A5 here, see today brings a lot of traffic, to tell the truth I did not expect, in GG search, see a lot of sites also reproduced from the A5 "webmaster should grasp their own persistence is victory", but let me sad is not my reservation AD, sorry.

is really in a good mood today. The traffic has come a lot, and he wants to write something to celebrate. But what do you want to write,


wrote about the soft stuff, of course, I wrote how soft paper is not qualified, is not here what is right to guide you, a little personal experience to write here, hope you have a conversation.

‘soft’ what is soft, to tell the truth I really do not know what is soft, I understand the concept of the article is contained in their own websites or their website words or domain name, just like a movie or TV series, can put ads into it, let the audience not disgusted, I feel this is soft. It also plays a soft effect.


crap, said his writing soft feel, we want to help, if not the local hope criticism, but don’t scold scold me, because you do not listen to, scold scold may also own oh. (joking, after all, we are very high quality grassroots webmaster)

, write

with your heart

why have the intention to write? Because no matter what you do as long as you work hard, hard work will definitely be rewarded, said here to write soft hard to write, even if your writing Kung Fu is not too good, also have a lot of friends who supported you, I is a good example. Write out your feelings, write out their own ideas, others to see that this is true, even if writing is not good, but your heart, will definitely have a friend to your website to see.

two, write

with your brain

why do you say that, because a lot of soft up is a big AD, of course, when the editor of the A5 audit has to delete, although I am not a A5 editor, but I know, I write up is AD, but not through the examination, this is a serious lesson, with the brain to write say you want to have their own ideas, even if one of your site you text which is not included, the support of our friends will go to search your site, you do not believe, try You’ll see..

also said in the above two of your feelings, I will be a old webmaster, old roots, but have nothing to do, no wonder to write soft Wen promotion, no way, the world desolate. But always can’t always like this, only want to engage in web traffic, write down the heart, after all, limited experience, energy is limited, only as long as you don’t talk rubbish, you can do.

You can take

seriously, or you can’t see it. After all, how can I write it on my hands?

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