We are a group of programmers who are full of peace and impetuosity and complaining

and IT found that many people, performance is more impetuous and complain, so this article, we either coder, or an architect or project manager, have the same mentality, just like the development and comparison of different routes. It is a peace and development of the society, most people not to eat and worry more for a better life, in order to wages, house, car, in order to get people around the praise, influenced by the people around, so I do not know what you want to do, often feel I do not know where the future. IT people do, state-owned enterprises are the same, we do not need to complain.

the people go to work every day, almost every day to do things, almost only one route to go, that is when the leadership, few people would want to do some meaningful things, so most people feel their life and work without passion. IT is a new industry, especially in China, which is changing so fast that there are not many historical figures that can be used for reference. Many people say that programmers in China can only be 30 years old, up to 35 years old. This sentence reflects some reality, but not fate. Why do I think so, let’s analyze:

IT industry is part of the National People’s Congress is not in the state-owned enterprises, so that the company is not his own life, generally 20+ years old in, or a novice, not a burden, only can think of is to stabilize and improve their work, 3 years after the discovery of another group of people, so the feeling is a veteran, but after 1 years, they did not find themselves with what difference, because we do almost, wages are similar, so that it can’t go on the road ahead, in the face of the programmer, feeling only towards the project manager, architect, analyst development, or is their own business. How many people have changed careers,


to become the architect and analyst, need is the usual accumulation, need to stand on a higher level, but found himself in the usual work is just a programming machine, most people usually do not have to own higher requirements, one day in the past 4 years of work experience, find myself a coder, in addition to more aware of the history of technology than novice. Only those who usually pay attention to the accumulation of strong technical and business study spirit can become qualified architects and analysts.

is difficult to work as an architect and analyst, and finds that project managers are good because many people feel that project managers can meet their management desires and be superior to others. After 4 years of work, it seems that writing code has no advantage and that people who have good communication skills are likely to want to be chosen as project managers. In fact, this is a natural way. But I found that the project manager can become a big reason is not entirely personal ability, but in the business development of the company, some good business development company, the project is more, as long as your communication ability is OK, have certain business and technical experience, to the competent Auto Express, as the project manager of a great chance. But most companies >

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