Analysis of 3 common forms of novel websites

novel is a very popular theme, especially in the network literature is popular today, has a larger market share in the Internet, many readers, which also led to the rise and development of novel site. From the present point of view, the novel stations are common: online reading, novel downloads, audio fiction three categories. These 3 categories cover the two basic forms of the novel: look and listen.

briefly analyze these 3 modes:

1: read online

there is no doubt that the online reading of novel websites is the foundation of the early rise and the development of novel industry. With it, there are other forms of novel development. With the mass base of reading groups, online reading sites are growing rapidly. Do not say what kind of starting point of the original novel stand, just look at those who rely on reprint article site traffic, you know this kind of Web site is the mainstream of novel websites.

online reading station market is big, do this kind of website easy to obtain high flow, but relative competition is more intense, want to do big, still need great strength. Novice suggested to do those relatively popular single a novel, so for a novel is also better, optimization, easy to develop, but also to the latter to do comprehensive type of novel station, RBI foundation.

2: novel download

includes many other novels such as TXT download format, due to the development of the website and online reading, online reading sites are only suitable for a lot of time in front of the computer to the crowd, and many people are busy, not a lot of time sitting in front of the computer reading, hope to download such as MP4, PSP, mobile phone and other carriers (also read although many people have no way but as computer networking, Internet cafes only to download to read on your computer). There are many such people in need, but also the achievements of many TXT station.

novel download station is also more intense competition of the type of site, but compared to online reading sites, due to the need to download space, it also limits the part to do this kind of station, so the degree of competition as the online reading station is numerous, and the copyright issues are those piracy original novel station reprint cattle station in in front of attracting firepower, relative security.

3: the sound novel

includes two categories: online listening and downloading. Sound novel station rise relatively late, but also in part to promote Internet radio, with the accelerated pace of life, many of the original fiction lovers have no time to sit in front of the computer to read, only want to listen to the work in the form of ways such as road to meet their own novel hobby.

sound novel station, the market size is relatively small, of course, this is also with the excellent sound novel less and other conditions caused by restrictions, not in the short term can develop rapidly type of website. For example, I do this sound novel download station, even if Baidu ranking is still passable, and there is not much traffic, can not earn any money, but can meet people like me who like to have sound Novels

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