How was the new website included in Baidu for 20 days

The new website

some time ago to do: wrote an article "the new owners do do industry station" sofa industry network on the line, space can see Ha! Before and after 15 days, today Baidu site, to the collection. But look at the snapshot time in June 3rd, No. 5, what does this mean? Baidu is indeed included in the first release. So let’s talk about how I did it during this period:

in the sofa industry net before I learned a wave on the website of the education network I understand is all customer oriented, to provide more content and product services for customers, so the updated every day, every day a original. SEO’s true meaning is that content is king, so what have I done exactly,


1: insist on writing your own articles every day. Now you can clearly see the website, the website is not content, then high quality articles where? Is to buy their own furniture magazines, daily study, see more, think more will, to write what I want, then after modification this is not the original article you yearn day and night?

two: insist on updating the content every day. This point is very important, I once advocated that everybody stationmaster wants to change this kind of insistence to become a habit. In addition to their original, but also reproduced some of the content of other people’s Web site, after all, personal understanding and familiarity of the scope of less, also have to consider the feelings of customers.

three: active search engine submission. After the online site, the initial increase of content, I have submitted to the major search engines, submitted to the window, the Internet can find, you do not bother, or more effective.

four: write soft text to webmaster net published. I want to webmaster nets published articles people know that Baidu spider one day in the above, that is to say you sent the article, but 10 minutes will be able to search on Baidu, you can not underestimate, in stationmaster net can also bring a lot of traffic. And reprinted more, the chain will be more.

and I and a new on-line website of Chengdu business gifts network:, let us wait and see again, to see how long it can be included, the GG included good, and some key words 2 days after the line is arranged to the home page.

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