How to better create the original content of the web site

original content mainly refers to the one hand and not published content. Original content is most popular with search engines, but getting original content is difficult. The original content of the main pointer on the search engine to write, and forget the person itself, you should know from beginning to end, the content is for the show. That is, the current search engine algorithm popular in the user experience.

‘s search for a high ranking is because you’re following a search engine and not writing for people, and probably won’t get anyone’s clicks and final conversion.

in addition, the articles we write should be vigorous, interesting and action oriented. Words must help to accomplish their work so that they can be transformed.

1. when writing the keywords in mind, as early as possible, try to use them more: in the title, and run through the whole. But don’t go to the extreme of disorder until the keyword looks like it was automatically translated from other languages.

2. keeps a strong keyword density on the web – the best pages are usually in 1000 words. Short pages are good for transformation.

3., writing should be changeable. Changes in keyword usage in the text can help rank and transform. Because each search search will not use the same keywords, interspersed with singular or plural verb forms in the article, is dynamic, and the use of different word order, these methods can help you "in both search found what type of search request input case.

4. diversified writing will also avoid the rigid, the stressed, and so on, represents the non specialized search optimization tendency. Since your writing is easy to read, you will attract more links to your web pages and will be able to transform your site more highly.

5. considers location. Search engines tend to incorporate the search engine into consideration. If you are a local company, make sure that all changes in your name are embedded in your article, so the search engine knows where you are. Search engines are constantly trying to match local searchers with local organizations.

6. considers local. For global marketing, translating a web page into a native language can compromise your search marketing. Don’t settle for the right translation – you have to do keyword research for each country and voice to get keywords that are just right. The difference between "right" and "best" keywords may come at the expense of many transformations. Stick to the same level of prominence, density, and other writing techniques listed here.

7. avoid cheating. Maintain accuracy and authenticity. This article is original for author, please keep it when you reprint:

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