Yang Fan brand 100 abstruse cereal SEO competition and website promotion

Yang Fan and the website planning agencies as of 2008 Admin5 second SEO contest – "Olympic Valley" Associated Media partners today and talk about "100 Aogu" brand SEO series and website promotion.

last year’s "duhugu" SEO competition caused great influence in the circle, then the "duhugu" SEO championship — teacher Lv Yingjian and Yang Fan are good friends, working in an office, Lu teacher Yang Fan also learned about the SEO knowledge and truth in life.

now see this year’s "100 abstruse cereal" SEO competition, is the main influence to the webmaster ring, SEO ring, IT ring, followed by the network service circle (provide virtual host, domain name, etc.), advertising and other circle, then the SEO contest just make first appearance has not formed the system, and commercialization some.

was not held "100 abstruse cereal" SEO competition, expert Yang Fan and several domestic brands of professional SEO contest can study together and website brand promotion phase, finally Yang Fan believes SEO contest are mining business. From the above point of view, when a new company or website want to carry out network marketing, so network hard advertising is the most basic means, but also the effect is not good, if the enterprises choose the SEO contest, "duhugu" to want to promote the brand name. On the OK, but this is not the end of it, we analyze the SEO, competition is only one circle, if a business website is selling furniture, real estate so greatly does not need to do so, not related to the target group, that is the most relevant to what is the network service? (virtual host, domain name, etc.) and advertising alliance! SEO is just in China rise, 9 is a webmaster derived SEOer, then the network service (provide virtual hosting, domain name, etc.) and advertising their biggest target group is the station Long, so in the next few years, the most suitable for the use of SEO competition to promote their brand is the Internet service providers and advertising alliance business.

network service providers: every month to put a lot of advertising to the webmaster, web design, graphic design and so on the type of website, but the general effect, because hard advertising in marketing is the most naive way of promotion, there are many Internet service providers in each month of the source of income is not enough advertising fee payments, rough, network the service provider’s largest customer groups is just learning website webmaster, so if just learned website owners in the hundreds of thousands of Internet service providers to choose the one he will be at a loss what to do, because he had no contact with this do not understand, then network service providers fight is well-known, the price is not important, such as the.Com domain name on what million net selling 139 yuan / year, so why there are other unknown colleagues only sold 50 yuan / year? Yang Fan asked a friend of mine The friends he bought the nets of domain name, other than the price of more expensive, I asked him why he would choose > million

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