Site security policy solutions

web security policy solution

, Part 1, security requirements for web

1.1 Web security architecture, including host security, network security and application security;

Security requirements for

1.2, Web browsers and servers;

in the known web server (including hardware and software) vulnerabilities, for the type of web server attacks least;

management operations on the server can only be performed by authorized users;

refuses to access content not published on the web server via web;

prohibits unnecessary network services embedded in OS or web server software;

has the ability to control access to various forms of.Exe programs;

can log web operations so as to facilitate intrusion detection and intrusion attempt analysis;

has proper fault tolerance capabilities;

Security requirements for

1.3 Web transmission


Web server must be isolated from the internal network:

has four implementations, and you should choose to use a high-performance Cisco firewall to isolate


Web server must be isolated from the database;

maintains a secure copy of the web site: from the developer’s final release (content security);

secondly, the location of the storage is secure (another independent host within the network behind the firewall);

also, should use a regular backup tape, compact disc rewritable media;

Threats facing

1.4 Web: information disclosure, denial of service, system crashes, springboard.

second part of the web server security policy


host operating system is directly supported by web and must configure the host system properly to provide security support for the WEB server:

provides only the necessary services;

certain services are attacked without affecting other services;

uses helper tools running on other hosts and initiates security logs;

sets the web server access control rule:

is controlled by IP, subnet, and domain name;

is controlled by password;

uses the public key encryption algorithm;

sets the web server directory permissions;

closes security sensitive web server features, such as automatic directory listing functions, symbolic connections, and

organize w> carefully

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